• VB.Net - UserControl don't update Controls inside 2017-09-19

    I'm working on a VB.Net application. I need to create an UserControl I've named signalIO, with a TextBox and a Label, with some properties to change contents of TextBox and Label, change BackColor, etc. When I add signalIO into the Form of my applica

    Tags: properties, vb.net, user controls, refresh
  • How to convert MS WORD underlined text to Excel in vb.net? 2017-09-14

    I have a word file which has an underlined text. I want to convert the text to an Excel sheet. --------------Solutions------------- Finally I found the answer. Hope this will help. Private Sub underlined() With Me.OpenFileDialog1 If .ShowDialog = Sys

    Tags: vb.net, excel, ms word
  • File.Copy not working - no error 2017-09-07

    Please take a look at this code. For some reason that I can't figure out, the File.Delete() line isn't getting fired and I'm not getting an error. ' hard-coded for testing Dim path As String = "C:\Program Files (x86)\Test\Program\Program.exe" Di

    Tags: vb.net, file io
  • Is Task start and close impact on performace? 2017-08-20

    I have a code, I want use Task to improve performance. which one better way , using single thread for executing single method (starting and closing Task in this method only) or single Task for multiple methods, at a time I can use only one Task ? Is

    Tags: vb.net, multithreading, task
  • Finding Element in a Linked List of Type Structure (VB.NET) 2017-07-15

    I have declared a structure: Public Structure MyStructure Public name As String Public dataType As String Public address As String End Structure Then a Linked List: Private MyList As New LinkedList(Of MyStructure) What's the best way to find an eleme

    Tags: vb.net, data structures, linked list, find
  • Implement interface for COM DLL class? 2017-06-26

    I am creating a COM DLL within VB.net which is replacing an older VB6 dll. When creating COM exposed classes, what is the benefit (if any) to implementing an interface within VB.net? These classes could be used within other .net projects in the futur

    Tags: vb.net, dll, com
  • How to revoke token for an user 2017-05-20

    How I can do to revoke token for a user? This is my authenticate code and I want to reset (revoke) access for one user. This is because I use the GMail API and I want allow my user to change their email if necessary. Actually the tokens are save with

    Tags: vb.net, google api, google oauth, gmail api
  • Link button in another column of a GRID if the status column is Approved 2016-11-07

    I have a grid. It has a column Status, and it has values Approved, Rejected and Pending. I want to create another column which checks the status column. when the status is approved it should create a lnk button in that new column in that row which ha

    Tags: vb.net
  • VB.Net - trap when the user leaves a word 2016-10-25

    Background: I need to do a very simple linguistic analysis "on-the-fly" in Word. Previously I have done this in VBA, and there I blatantly copied someone else's Keybindings.Add code to add handlers for any and all keypresses that can separate wo

    Tags: vb.net, ms word, vsto
  • Office Add In Memory Limit 2016-09-16

    I am developing a set of Office add ins that reads and writes templates and other files from a locally stored serialized object. Until now it has been going well, however, since I have been stress testing it by writing big amounts of data to this loc

  • Use Dll of the same name for different projects 2016-08-30

    I am trying to develop a small utility program that will be deployed with other application that we already have. In order to make the utility work, I need to know the connectionString used by the application to access the database. Since I have old

  • Save existing DataGridView data to a new table in MS Access 2016-07-16

    I have an existing DataTable that binded to DataGridView1. Loading table jobentry with 3 fields [name], [quantity] and [cost] I have several comboboxes and textboxes for the dataentry to this gridview. Now, For each job, I want to save new table of i

    Tags: vb.net, datagridview, load, save, create table
  • DataGridView not showing all columns from table 2016-07-04

    I am currently creating a DataGridView within visual studio. The whole process is working fine and I have no errors. Apart from only one column is shown when executed when hitting 'Start' and is shown within a form. For example in my process, only th

    Tags: vb.net, datagridview
  • download a file only one time in vb.net and IIS 2016-06-18

    I have a link Is there a way to make this link usable ony once? In other words, if a user downloads this image and anyone tries to download it again (even the same user) the link will not work anymore. --------------Solutions------------- You could u

    Tags: security, vb.net, hyperlink, iis 7.5
  • Better performace in tree walkthrough 2016-05-21

    I'm trying to walkthrough one tree and copoy it to another tree. Here is my code: Public Shared Function GetConstGroupsByVehicleId(ByVal groups As Entities.ListQuickGroups) As List(Of IDC.ConstGroupNode) Dim node As New IDC.ConstGroupNode node.ChildN

    Tags: performance, oop, vb.net, tree
  • GetPrivateProfileString: Strange Behaviour, works only when the file is excluded and included again in project 2016-05-13

    I am working on a migration project from VB6 to VB.NET 4.0 (VS 2013 Professional) where I am supposed to use INI file for reading inputs (client requirements). To read a specific file path, code calls the function to read INI file. The declaration is

    Tags: winapi, vb.net, ini
  • Dynamic Multiple Column Sort on a DataGridView 2016-04-28

    We have a custom implementation of the DataGridView (it does not do much, just handles formatting and the like). All DataGridView controls are bound to a list of custom objects (System.Generic.List(Of MyObjectName)). I have been tasked with making al

    Tags: vb.net, sorting, datagridview
  • moving code to modules in vb.net 2016-04-25

    I have a small program that scans documents and reads a barcode (which is then split into different directories and a filename). This all works ok but I now need to expand the program a little. I need to add another couple of forms that do similar th

    Tags: vb.net, module
  • How to define that a class has to declare a shared method 2016-04-24

    I have several classes that inherit from a base class. Let's call it Zoo. All derived classes should declare one same method Species which returns a List of species in this kind of zoo. Inheritance and MustOverride is what I normally would do: Public

    Tags: vb.net, inheritance, shared
  • Sum numbers within string 2016-04-02

    Dim strOrig = "192/8' 33/5' 76/24' 17/12'" Hi all, I want to obtain every number before the "/". The output will be 318. Regarding how to achieve it, what I can think of is: 1.Split all the segment by looking for 'spacing' as end point

    Tags: vb.net

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