• How to check if popen() actually finds and runs executable and fwrite() passes data? 2018-12-27

    I have an executable written in C which reads some data thru scanf. I wanna call it from PHP using popen() and pass data using fwrite(). How will I know if popen finds and executes file ad fwrite() really writes to the executable's input. I mean, my

    Tags: php, popen
  • Parse: Check if object exists before fetch 2018-12-27

    I have a column of type array. It stores pointers to other objects. So in my loop I have something like this: foreach ($artworkArr as $a) { $a->fetch(); $artworkName[] = $a->get('title'); } Problem here is, fetch immediately throws an exception if t

    Tags: php, parsing
  • Session expiring in facebook game 2018-12-26

    I am developing a game in php for Facebook. It's working fine, but after 1 hour idle session gets expired or is not working properly. I have tried a lots of methods but increasing session.cookie_lifetime still its not working.

    Tags: php, session, session timeout, session cookies
  • Retry on database exception using php 2018-12-24

    I have been working on exceptions thrown by php - mysqli & created this snippet below that tries to check a few times to see if a temp glitch has caused the database to fail. if so, it tries to recover. If it cannot then it quits/ ends. Now while the

    Tags: php, exception, mysqli
  • Converting same date on my database and html 2018-12-24

    good day! i am a newbie in php and i have something to ask. I have a database fieldname date_reserved which is the date format is ex. June-12-2015. My problem is I can't convert my html code on the same format like whats inside my database. when i tr

    Tags: php, mysql, html
  • index "Inner Objects" in PHP Elasticsearch 2018-12-20

    I am trying to indexing inner object in Elasticsearch. I am writing it to use this in a running environment where field name "title" should contain another field named "stitle". So "stitle" i can't make it as a field. "s

    Tags: php, elasticsearch
  • Generate PDF from base64 String PHP 2018-12-19

    I'm trying to create a .pdf file with a base64 string from an image, and I can create it correctly, but when I try to open the file, the program sends a message that tells the file is corrupt or something like that.. I got this code: define('UPLOAD_D

    Tags: php, pdf, corrupt
  • Nginx + PHP-FPM Randomly Gives 502 2018-12-14

    My site is working fine with Nginx + PHP-FPM but randomly it gives 502 error. Environment Details OS - CetnOS 6 Nginx PHP-FPM (php 5.4) APC (Code Cache APC 3.1.13 beta) Memcache (data cache) In php-fpm pm.max_children = 200 pm.start_servers = 40 pm.m

    Tags: php, apc, nginx
  • Find in array smarty 2018-12-12

    I have an array Array ( [0] => Array ( [id] => 32 [type] => 4 ) [1] => Array ( [id] => 51 [type] => 9 ) .. .. .. .. .. [84] => Array ( [id] => 51 [type] => 9 [cnt] => 1180 ) ) And i need to find value of [cnt] in my array, wh

    Tags: php, arrays, smarty
  • Form validation using jQuery and Ajax in PHP 2018-12-12

    I have a form which has education div with course, year of completion, university and percent fields, and I am validating those education div fields using Ajax in PHP, and thats working perfectly, but when I clone education div and then if there is a

    Tags: php, html, jquery, validation
  • get information in database and insert into session codeigniter

    get information in database and insert into session codeigniter 2018-12-09

    i am new to codeigniter and using session. i am having a problem in inserting individual data in session. Model: function get_user_info() { $user_email = $this->input->post('signin-email'); $this->db->select('acct_id, acct_fname, acct_lname, a

    Tags: database, php, session, codeigniter
  • Redirect from server root directory to apache root directory 2018-12-09

    I have made simple http server on Ubuntu 14.04 with LAMP and put my html, php and js files to apache root directory /var/www/. All paths within these files are absolute and looks like /script1.php or /subdir/script.php. Directory tree of web server l

    Tags: php, apache, .htaccess, directory, root
  • PDO Select with $_POST 2018-12-07

    this works just fine $db = new PDO(<connection data>); $username = $_POST['username']; $password = $_POST['password']; if(isset($_POST['username']) && isset($_POST['password'])){ $username = "name"; $pw = $db->prepare('SELECT *

    Tags: php, pdo
  • Can i use only _ (underscore) for the name of the class? 2018-12-06

    Can i use only _ (underscore) for the name of the class if yes then how object will be create and if no then why not? class _{ } --------------Solutions------------- Yes, you can use only underscore for the class name. class _{ function __construct()

    Tags: php, oop
  • Using CASE Statement when using two different statement if the condition is true

    Using CASE Statement when using two different statement if the condition is true 2018-12-05

    I need to display the data retrieving from table Market wise. And for each Market, Number of Orders and No of Items can be calculated and displayed. I have only one column namely market, but i need to display market in horizontal manner as below. I h

    Tags: php, mysql
  • WebMatrix PHP Query Not working 2018-12-04

    Just a heads up I have been writing PHP now for about 3 days. I am having trouble with a query. When I run the query in the query tool it finds exactly what I am looking for. I have tried every variation of syntax I can think of from using LIKE (how

    Tags: database, php, mysql, webmatrix
  • add hidden input field to woocommerce checkout to pass data to payment gateway 2018-12-04

    I have a store running WooCommerce and the client needs us to pass a variable to the payment gateway (WorldPay) that is then included in an payment confirmation email sent form the gateway to the client. WorldPay say i just need to add this to the fo

    Tags: php, wordpress, payment gateway, woocommerce
  • get variable from tag php 2018-12-04

    hello well my problem is that am displaying a list of messages like mails and when you want to read full message u need to go to rmq-demande.php where the full message appeard : here how my list of messages is presented i need to get the id of each m

    Tags: php, html
  • PHP: How to insert a -tag after the @ inside an email address 2018-12-02

    I'm having problems with some email addresses that are too long. So I'd like to set a break after the @ character. But unfortunately, the @ symbol seems to be a special character. That's why it doesn't work with: str_replace ('@' , '@<br/>' , $email

    Tags: php
  • TwiML - Can I record an user AND gather keypad inputs in the same call? 2018-12-01

    its pretty straight forward to either record and transcribe an user's call, or gather input from the user's keypad after prompting them with a recording. It is not clear to me however, what steps I should take to record the users 'description' of the

    Tags: php, xml, twilio, twiml

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