• Side by side code comparison with either jQuery or PHP 2019-02-23

    I'm looking for a library that will allow me to compare 2 code snippets. Said snippets will be in LUA. I want to show differences between them a la GitHub. Think a split screen showing what's been added, what's been deleted, the usual. I've searched

    Tags: php, jquery
  • gd-png error: cannot allocate libpng main struct 2019-02-22

    I run a website with Symfony 2.3 on a local Apache server on a Mac OSX 10.8. My PHP is configured with PNG support enabled, libPNG Version 1.2.51. PHP function imagecreatefromstring works fine on JPEG pictures but with PNG pictures I get this error :

    Tags: php, osx, png, libpng, imagecreatefrompng
  • How can I make a custom feed in wordpress? 2019-02-22

    I am trying to do a plugin that will make a custom feed for my site. I only use my plugin and wordpress to make my feed. To make my feed I made an array fill with the latest 6 most viewed post. The array work perfectly the way I want so no problem he

    Tags: php, rss, wordpress
  • How to display a huge amount of inputs on a page without crashing the browser? 2019-02-19

    I've got an array containing a list of products. Everytime I try to display the products my browser will crash because it is just too much data. $products = array(... 40000 products ...); ?> <table class="table table-bordered"> <thea

    Tags: php, html, arrays
  • PHP 500 error; shared hosting seems better than VPS? 2019-02-18

    I run a fairly heavy php script, but it sometimes results in a 500 error when the load is too much. so I decided to migrate my files from a $4/month shared hosting, to a $60/month VPS host with 4gb ram. However the vps host gives the 500 error even e

    Tags: php, hosting
  • Disable Content-type header in Guzzle multipart/form-data part 2019-02-18

    When uploading a file as a multipart/form-data Guzzle adds a Content-type: header to that multipart. Now I need to upload an XML file to a server but the server insists on adding the Content-type: line at the front of the uploaded file, making it an

    Tags: php, guzzle
  • Changing values after MySql DB Collection 2019-02-18

    I currently collect data from a mysql table then post the data using Curl. The values are : title : surname : email Max Test [email protected] How do i collect the data then change the feild names for post to : MainTitle : Lastname : MainEmail Max Test ma

    Tags: php, mysql
  • Auto Complete Jquery/Sql 2019-02-12

    I want to Ask About jQuery Auto Complete with MySQL. Auto Complete means it gives suggestions or input available in a Drop-down. I got a Theme For my CP and doing some work but this one took the Whole day. I can do any thing in just 2 - 3 Hours. But

    Tags: php, mysql, jquery
  • Laravel joins using different database query 2019-02-11

    I am constructing this query in my Laravel controller; $payments = DB::table('payments')->leftJoin('postcodes.201502_postcode', 'payments.Vendor ZIP', '=', '201502_postcode.postcode'); foreach ($input as $key => $value) { $payments = $payments->l

    Tags: php, mysql, laravel, laravel 5
  • Trying to post details to a third party form 2019-02-11

    I am trying to automate form submission and struggling to work out why it simply isn't working as I believe I have replicated what the browser does using PHP & curl. Unfortunately the browser always ends up redirecting to an empty form. Any pointers

    Tags: php, forms, redirect, curl
  • Decode specific Json 2019-02-10

    I'm trying decode a json, using json_decode. I need get only 2 informations of json: title and id. This informations are related to product. But my problem is, "inside of" each Product, have images and each image have a title also. My doubt is:

    Tags: php, json
  • php can't execute my python script from one upper directory 2019-02-10

    python import os import sys if len(sys.argv) > 1: output = "" for i in range(1, len(sys.argv)): output = output + sys.argv[i] + ' ' else: output = "no argument found" print "Hello World!!!" print output php <?php $data

    Tags: php, python
  • HTML table inside jQuery dialog box positioning 2019-02-07

    I've created a dialog box with a ajax load call inside the dialog box. I'm trying to place a html table inside the dialog box, but when i load the page, the html table appears way down below where it should be, which is at the top of the page. How ca

    Tags: php, html, ajax, jquery, jquery ui
  • How to join two tables with ssp.class.php 2019-02-07

    I started using DataTables Table plug-in for jQuery and got some problems. I am using example code from here. I have MySQL table witch looks like that: id | name | father_id father_id is id value in same table only in different row. So if I want to k

    Tags: php, mysql, datatables
  • How to use PHP's dblib PDO driver with long usernames? / SQLSTATE[HY000] Name too long for LOGINREC field (severity 2)

    How to use PHP's dblib PDO driver with long usernames? / SQLSTATE[HY000] Name too long for LOGINREC field (severity 2) 2019-02-04

    I'm trying to connect to a Microsoft SQL Server / Microsoft Azure database with PHP's PDO: <?php // no actual login data, but similar string lengths $dbHost = ''; $dbUser = 'db_a1a1a1a1_b2b2_c3c3_d4d4_e5e5e5e5e5e5_Exter

    Tags: php, sql server, pdo, sql azure, ms access web app
  • curlExec() has less access than the browser? 2019-02-04

    I have an application that downloads favicon files. Recently I switched from using file_get_contents to curlExec because it has a higher success rate. However when I try and download from , instead of sending the actual file data th

    Tags: php, file, curl, download
  • not able to pass form data to php and save data in XML 2019-02-03

    not able to pass form data to php I am using AJAX in Jquery to pass form field variables to php and using php i want those data should get saved in a XML file in a AEM bin or clientlib. I am not able to pass those data to PHP using ajax .this is what

    Tags: php, xml, ajax, jquery
  • WordPress Pagination Not Working Properly 2019-01-31

    I'm facing a problem with WordPress pagination. Tried almost every answer of Stackoverflow and other sites, but nothing works. What happens is: the next/prev redirect me to 404 when I click (in my case shows me my homepage because I don't have one 40

    Tags: php, wordpress, pagination
  • remove duplicates from dropdownlist in PHP 2019-01-31

    I have a text file like this: unfinished unfinished 17876 open peters Current/17876 - unfinished unfinished 17830 new peters Current/17830 - unfinished unfinished 17810 new jongr Current/17810 - I want to list all items from the 5th column. However i

    Tags: php
  • Woocommerce AJAX PHP 2019-01-29

    When creating the PHP for an AJAX function in my woocommerce checkout page, I use a $.post. What all needs to be in the PHP (via $.post) in order to call $woocommerce->session->set I tried the following in the php of the $.post global $woocommerce;

    Tags: php, ajax, woocommerce

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