• Some Images are converted to directory on installing magento extension using magento connect 2018-02-17

    On installing my magento extension through magento connect using tgz file, some images are converted to being a directory. For example, the simple-image.png file will be converted to a directory named simple-image.png on my Linux server. Could this b

    Tags: php, linux, magento
  • Getting the error "declaration of DateTimeValue::make() should be compatible with" 2018-02-15

    Recently I have updated the PHP version in the our from PHP 5.3.3 to PHP 5.6.7. After I upgraded the PHP version, I am getting the below error. Please suggest me how to solve this issue. Strict Standards: Declaration of DateTimeValue::make(); Should

    Tags: php
  • php filtering function for jquery table 2018-02-11

    I use jquery datatables in server side processing and I try to implement in php a function for my Global Filter: Function should display all rows only if and only if: -- both words are in the same column AND in the same row OR -- both words are in di

    Tags: php
  • Prevent automatic Google shorten URL visit 2018-02-11

    When a user request a password reset, we send an email with a reset link shortened by Google URL Shortener. Problem is, the link is being visited before / without the user clicking it. How can I prevent this? // Google Shorten URL code. $googer = new

    Tags: php, google url shortener
  • Form submit fails on second time submit

    Form submit fails on second time submit 2018-02-10

    Hello I am working on wordpress and below is my php code. I show images by fetching their path from database and have a vote button with every image and when it is clicked the vote is added to the votes table. After vote is added I want to show that

    Tags: php, mysql, wordpress
  • PHP Sort Order Proccess Codeiginiter 2018-02-04

    i use php codeigniter to manage video using FFMPEG, but i dont know how to delete original video after convertion succesful. if(!($_FILES["upload_video"]["type"] == "video/mp4")) { $prename = $r.'.'.$ext; $video = $prename.'.

    Tags: php, codeigniter, ffmpeg
  • Extracting data from array in Yii 2 2018-02-03

    I'm trying to get data from DB and show it in menu. echo NavX::widget([ 'options' => ['class' => 'navbar-nav navbar-right'], 'items' => [ array_map(function ($model) { return [ 'label' => $model['param2'], 'url' => ["/users/{$model['pa

    Tags: php, yii, yii2
  • Prevent Back Login After Logout by hitting the Back button on Browser in L5? 2018-02-02

    My problem is I want to do when I already logout, If I click back button on browser it never back admin home page. Now when I click back button It show admin secret pages, But when I refresh the page then It back to login page. I solved it write the

    Tags: php, caching, laravel 5
  • Having trouble with testing code using PHPunit 2018-02-01

    I am testing codes using PHPUnit.How do we test if the function is calling another function from the same class inside a loop? This is my dashboardmanager.php public function getZoneOrderValue($businessUnitId, $fromDate, $toDate) { $repository = $thi

    Tags: php, phpunit, symfony2, prophecy phpunit
  • OpenCart - not sending emails form default contact page

    OpenCart - not sending emails form default contact page 2018-01-31

    I have installed OC and it's working fine but i am not receiving any mail when my customers send us email by using contact us form /index.php? ... information/contact I have tried both options (mail and SMTP) but result are nothing, can any one tell

    Tags: php, opencart
  • Error in image uploading and renaming in php 2018-01-29

    Form <form action="product.php" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data"> <input type="file" name="image" class="input3" multiple> <input type="submit" value="Add

    Tags: php, image uploading
  • How to replace dot with comma in price format in php 2018-01-29

    I have a price format like 1.100.000 Now I want to replace all dots with comma so it should look like this- 1,100,000. To achieve this I tried this code- <?php $number=1.100.000; $number=str_replace('.',',',$number); ?> But it is not working. Can an

    Tags: php, money format
  • Drop down, results table not showing Mysql php 2018-01-28

    Trying to get the results from the Mysql to show up on the web page. The process is that the user would select a make of a car and then it will show just that make in a table. I've been trying different things but I cant seem to get it to show the re

    Tags: php, sql, mysqli
  • Issue with connecting/excuting PHP through gulp-connect 2018-01-28

    I am trying to use/run Google Web-Starter-Kit with PHP code and surfing through internet I found gulp-connect-php which helps to run PHP files inside gulp server(we can connect gulp with our local php service). So that i installed gulp-connect-php an

    Tags: php, gulp
  • Proper Way of Recording Page Views 2018-01-27

    What is the proper way, using PHP, to record web page views? I believe that currently we just record a view each time a page is hit on, but I am assuming that is including hits from bots, or other things we don't want to be recording. How can we just

    Tags: php
  • Laravel view rendering issue 2018-01-27

    Following is my controller class, namespace Admin; class CategoriesController extends \BaseController { public function index($action = '', $id= ''){ //return \View::make('welcome');View is correctly rendered here switch ($action){ case '' : case 'li

    Tags: php, view, laravel
  • Selecting specific rows from table

    Selecting specific rows from table 2018-01-26

    I have the below table (in picture) which is kind of inventory table and shows how many items comes in and how many goes out from stock, and item_id is the foreign key from another table. I want to select those records that has no out from the stock,

    Tags: php, mysql
  • how to write conditional .htaccess file 2018-01-26

    My Site's every pages has Different URL with Seo variable, on page click URL becomes index.php?seo=home rates.php?seo=rates reservation.php?seo=reservation now i want to convert the URL to this

    Tags: php, regex, .htaccess
  • Do I need to secure a form that is not connected to a database 2018-01-23

    I have read about security issues when it comes to sql injections and so on. I am not too familiar with security vulnerabilities in input fields. I currently have a form that takes in inputs (the are validated through regex) for example an email vali

    Tags: php, html, regex, security
  • Magento product view results in cache delete 2018-01-21

    Have an odd issue where new relic seems to suggest that product view action resulting in calls to cache delete. I am not able to produce this locally. Has anyone come across this issue?

    Tags: php, caching, magento

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