• Installing OpenSSH on Ubuntu 14.04 2018-10-05

    I'm trying to install openssh in Ubuntu 14.04. I downloaded the tar.gz file, unpacked it, and ran ./config. I got this error message: \*** Can't find recent OpenSSL libcrypto (see config.log for details) *** I looked online, and it was suggested that

    Tags: linux, ubuntu, openssh, openssl
  • python urllib3 pip install error linux 2018-09-16

    I am trying to install urllib3 using pip and get the error posted at the bottom of this message. I have wrestled with the issue for a few days days trying many things I have found online now without success, so I am finally posting here. Unfortunatel

    Tags: linux, python 2.7, failed installation, pip, urllib3
  • Running Local Script On SSH Server 2018-09-12

    I'm using Linux to log into a server using ssh. Once I'm logged in, I would like to execute a local Python script which uses netcat to run some program on the remote machine (it is therefore required to be logged in to access it). Locally I can type

    Tags: linux, bash, ssh
  • is ubuntu still installing im just getting the wallpaper

    is ubuntu still installing im just getting the wallpaper 2018-08-25

    I'm using VirtualBox and I'm trying to install Ubuntu 32 bit and after I get past the part of clicking installing and the message saying it will use the following partitions to install and I hit continue but now so far all I'm getting is the wallpape

    Tags: linux, ubuntu, virtualbox
  • linux cron truncate large file 2018-08-16

    I have a large csv file that I need to reduce to the last 1000 lines through a cron job every day. Can anyone suggest how to accomplish this? What I have so far are two commands but do not know how to combine them For deleting lines from the begginin

    Tags: linux, bash, csv, cron
  • How to use a command from awk in the right way 2018-08-14

    I have the next command : awk -v M="$variable" -v B=$"version"-v R="Pass ok" -v K="1" 'BEGIN {FS=","; OFS=","} $1==M {$14=R} {$3=B} {$23=K} {print}' file1.csv > file2.csv and i dont know why i

    Tags: linux, bash, awk
  • How to get device name of usb storage device? 2018-07-19

    As we know, currently on Ubuntu or lots of other Linux distributions, after an usb storage device is inserted, a /dev/sdX device will be created and the partitions will be automatically mounted. How can I know what is the correct X for this usb stora

    Tags: storage, linux, usb, device
  • script doesn't start on boot with init 2018-05-27

    I have the following script #!/bin/sh # chkconfig: 345 99 01 # description: some startup script ### BEGIN INIT INFO # Provides: weblogic # Required-Start: $local_fs $network $remote_fs # Required-Stop: $local_fs $network $remote_fs # Default-Start: 2

    Tags: shell, linux, bash, init
  • How to automatically enter vim with tt and ? 2018-04-14

    I am using MacVim on Mac OS X. I want to know how to automatically input <leader>tt and <C-e> and <leader>u when I enter vim first time. --------------Solutions------------- You can use :normal (without the usual !, so that the mappings

    Tags: linux, vim, macvim
  • grub error 15: file not found 2018-03-03

    I have a vm(on vmware fully running). But i want to do some modification and put all file system to single partition /. In my current VM i have /, /var, /tmp, /boot partition. Action performed: Attached new hard disk, formatted and created two partit

    Tags: linux, redhat, grub, linux kernel
  • dpll3_m2_clk rate change failed: -22 2018-02-27

    I am using linux 2.6.32 kernel on omap3503 processor, which boots up successfully but at boot time it gives me error, "dpll3_m2_clk rate change failed: -22" in log messages. This error comes from arch/arm/mach-omap2/io.c file when SDRC clock rat

    Tags: linux, omap
  • Linux framebuffers with ARGB32. Alpha? How does a framebuffer support Alpha? 2018-02-24

    After looking at the source for Qt, it seems that it, and framebuffers in general, support alpha transparency. static QImage::Format determineFormat(const fb_var_screeninfo &info, int depth) { const fb_bitfield rgba[4] = {,, info.

    Tags: linux, alphablending, framebuffer, fpga
  • sendmail: fatal: -n option not supported 2018-02-17

    I am trying to send a mail in Linux using the sendmail command: #!/usr/bin/sh echo "Mailing started" export mail_lst="[email protected]" export mail_sub='test mail' export mail_bdy='Please Review the Data' /usr/lib/sendmail -t -n -oi<<

    Tags: linux, sendmail
  • how to avoid read command in shell script to avoid trimming spaces 2018-01-22

    This question already has an answer here: bash: read line and keep spaces 2 answers filename="" while read line do echo $line >> done < "$filename" I am trying this to copy the content of one file to copy t

    Tags: shell, linux, bash
  • Linux join command for several split tar.gz files 2018-01-13

    Can someone help me figure out the proper join command or other Linux command to use to recollect all of my tar.gz files into one tar.gz so that I can unzip it. I zipped up a SVN repository. OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.10 (Tikanga)

    Tags: linux
  • Linux - write to sys V msg queue 2018-01-10

    Referring to tutorial on sys V message queue. It contains the code for sender: if ((msqid = msgget(key, 0644 | IPC_CREAT)) == -1) { perror("msgget"); exit(1); } ..... if (msgsnd(msqid, &buf, len+1, 0) == -1) /* +1 for '' */ perror("msgs

    Tags: linux, sysv ipc
  • Linux return a negative number in system calls 2017-12-31

    In a homework assignment we were asked to add a subtract system call to the Linux Kernel. But if a system call return negative number in the range [-125,-1] means error. How can i return the negative number i want? --------------Solutions------------

    Tags: operating system, linux, kernel, system, call
  • How do I sort a csv file in linux according to timestamps? 2017-12-10

    I have the following file which looks something like this: XYZ,3498384,2006-04-25_12:32:45,WXZ ABC,3498384,2006-04-25_12:33:57,DEF NNN,3498384,2006-04-25_12:33:57,MMMM GGGG,3874499,2006-04-25_21:14:16,TTTT JJJJ,2518173,2006-04-25_15:12:30,PPPP I have

    Tags: shell, linux, sorting, terminal, awt
  • Why can't this script execute the other script 2017-10-30

    This script looks for all users that have the string RECHERCHE inside them. I tried running it in sudo and it worked, but then stopped at line 8 (permission denied). Even when removing the sudo from the script, this issue still happens. #!/bin/bash #

    Tags: linux, bash, debian
  • load routerOS Drivers from USB drive in linux 2017-09-23

    I'm trying to install routerOS(Mikrotik) from bootable USB drive on my PC. it boots from USB at first and loads the Linux Kernel. after detecting the H.D.D it requests me to insert the CD-ROM disk to installing the DRIVERS. but the drivers are in the

    Tags: linux, router, mikrotik, router os

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