• Redirect hostname to specific path with Apache 2018-12-10

    I'm trying to get a redirect the requests from an url like to a specific file on the server like /var/www/html/myApp/index.php. I need the user to keep seeing the URL he used to get there. What's the best approach? .htaccess or per

    Tags: linux, apache, mod rewrite, redirect, .htaccess
  • Suppress windows cmd for system command in Perl 2018-12-09

    I am using a system command in Perl to execute java. I have formed an array @args that have different options to execute a jar file. Something like below: $args[0] = $rootpath."/jre/bin/java"; $args[1] = " -jar \"".$rootpath."

    Tags: windows, perl, linux
  • RPM to invoke browser post installation 2018-12-03

    I am creating an RPM installer for centos 6.5, After installation i want the RPM to invoke the browser and show the installation report. This installation report shows the details of how the installation went. Including errors and warnings that occur

    Tags: linux, rpm, rpmbuild, rpm spec, centos6.5
  • "$ make check" is returning only FAILED for each check 2018-11-25

    I downloaded a .tar of source code to build into my user directory in cygwin. I then issued the following commands from Cygwin using the bash shell: ./configure make make check The make check program then proceeds to tell me that everything it checks

    Tags: linux, cygwin, gnu make
  • Read output from ttyUSB0 2018-11-24

    After installing one relay board in respberry pi I tested with success some commands to open and close the relays but I found one problem. I do not receive the status of the eight relays or the status of single relay. How can I fix this? The permissi

    Tags: linux, bash, raspberry pi, raspbian
  • Error running bash script in supervisor 2018-11-18

    I have a bash script that makes some work supervising network stuff, it works great when I run it manually, but when I put it in supervisor the ifs and the whiles does not work, just stops before any of those programming sentences, echos, running cat

    Tags: shell, linux, bash, debian, supervisor
  • www-data user start session in dbus 2018-10-31

    Refering to this question I found out that the www-data user cannot write a session to the dbus under Ubuntu 14.04. How can I make the user be able to start such a session?

    Tags: linux, console, dbus, ubuntu 14.04
  • Configure httpd.conf to add new site on Apache Red Hat Linux

    Configure httpd.conf to add new site on Apache Red Hat Linux 2018-10-20

    I have linux server (Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.3 (Tikanga)) with apache installed. It is already used for browsing some documents. Now I would like to add a new Directory (with a html page), so whenever the directory is browsed it can

    Tags: linux, apache, httpd.conf
  • Installing OpenSSH on Ubuntu 14.04 2018-10-05

    I'm trying to install openssh in Ubuntu 14.04. I downloaded the tar.gz file, unpacked it, and ran ./config. I got this error message: \*** Can't find recent OpenSSL libcrypto (see config.log for details) *** I looked online, and it was suggested that

    Tags: linux, ubuntu, openssh, openssl
  • python urllib3 pip install error linux 2018-09-16

    I am trying to install urllib3 using pip and get the error posted at the bottom of this message. I have wrestled with the issue for a few days days trying many things I have found online now without success, so I am finally posting here. Unfortunatel

    Tags: linux, python 2.7, failed installation, pip, urllib3
  • Running Local Script On SSH Server 2018-09-12

    I'm using Linux to log into a server using ssh. Once I'm logged in, I would like to execute a local Python script which uses netcat to run some program on the remote machine (it is therefore required to be logged in to access it). Locally I can type

    Tags: linux, bash, ssh
  • is ubuntu still installing im just getting the wallpaper

    is ubuntu still installing im just getting the wallpaper 2018-08-25

    I'm using VirtualBox and I'm trying to install Ubuntu 32 bit and after I get past the part of clicking installing and the message saying it will use the following partitions to install and I hit continue but now so far all I'm getting is the wallpape

    Tags: linux, ubuntu, virtualbox
  • linux cron truncate large file 2018-08-16

    I have a large csv file that I need to reduce to the last 1000 lines through a cron job every day. Can anyone suggest how to accomplish this? What I have so far are two commands but do not know how to combine them For deleting lines from the begginin

    Tags: linux, bash, csv, cron
  • How to use a command from awk in the right way 2018-08-14

    I have the next command : awk -v M="$variable" -v B=$"version"-v R="Pass ok" -v K="1" 'BEGIN {FS=","; OFS=","} $1==M {$14=R} {$3=B} {$23=K} {print}' file1.csv > file2.csv and i dont know why i

    Tags: linux, bash, awk
  • How to get device name of usb storage device? 2018-07-19

    As we know, currently on Ubuntu or lots of other Linux distributions, after an usb storage device is inserted, a /dev/sdX device will be created and the partitions will be automatically mounted. How can I know what is the correct X for this usb stora

    Tags: storage, linux, usb, device
  • script doesn't start on boot with init 2018-05-27

    I have the following script #!/bin/sh # chkconfig: 345 99 01 # description: some startup script ### BEGIN INIT INFO # Provides: weblogic # Required-Start: $local_fs $network $remote_fs # Required-Stop: $local_fs $network $remote_fs # Default-Start: 2

    Tags: shell, linux, bash, init
  • How to automatically enter vim with tt and ? 2018-04-14

    I am using MacVim on Mac OS X. I want to know how to automatically input <leader>tt and <C-e> and <leader>u when I enter vim first time. --------------Solutions------------- You can use :normal (without the usual !, so that the mappings

    Tags: linux, vim, macvim
  • grub error 15: file not found 2018-03-03

    I have a vm(on vmware fully running). But i want to do some modification and put all file system to single partition /. In my current VM i have /, /var, /tmp, /boot partition. Action performed: Attached new hard disk, formatted and created two partit

    Tags: linux, redhat, grub, linux kernel
  • dpll3_m2_clk rate change failed: -22 2018-02-27

    I am using linux 2.6.32 kernel on omap3503 processor, which boots up successfully but at boot time it gives me error, "dpll3_m2_clk rate change failed: -22" in log messages. This error comes from arch/arm/mach-omap2/io.c file when SDRC clock rat

    Tags: linux, omap
  • Linux framebuffers with ARGB32. Alpha? How does a framebuffer support Alpha? 2018-02-24

    After looking at the source for Qt, it seems that it, and framebuffers in general, support alpha transparency. static QImage::Format determineFormat(const fb_var_screeninfo &info, int depth) { const fb_bitfield rgba[4] = {,, info.

    Tags: linux, alphablending, framebuffer, fpga

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