• List isn't centering and wraps when the page exceeds 1 page of content 2018-05-20

    Here's my code : ul { width: 100%; position: relative; left:10%; margin: 0; padding-left: 100px; } li { float:left; box-align:right; } li a { display: block; width: 265px; background-color: #800000; color: #fff; text-align: center; font-weight: bold;

    Tags: html, css
  • Divs not lining up in Bootstrap Container class

    Divs not lining up in Bootstrap Container class 2018-05-01

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to achieve the affect shown in [original image] where the "browse collection" div and the "request brochure" div line up with the four items above them. I am trying to achieve the effect by using bootstrap and

    Tags: html, css, twitter bootstrap
  • Div not showing up on 3/6 Computer checks (Solved: ADblocker) 2018-04-10

    I made a website and the problem is, When i load it up I see it fine in my chrome browser, On my friends chrome, also fine, checked with another mate, also on chrome, also works fine, But for my bro and 2 more computers i checked (that also use chrom

    Tags: html, css, google chrome
  • CSS: drop-down causes page to jump up 2018-04-05

    When user clicks on my drop-down menu, it jumps the page back to the very top (like a page reload). See this jsFiddle with stripped down code. I know that if I remove the # in href="#", it should work, but that is not good practice. How do I mak

    Tags: html, css, drop down menu
  • Why won't this center perfectly horizontally? 2018-03-30

    Edit2: Sorry, I messed up this whole question. I am centering an ul, and it'll be slightly off to the right. If I do the same exact thing using divs, it'll center correctly. Here I use div: Here I use ul: http://cssde

    Tags: html, css, centering
  • Programming HTML code in creating selected tab 2018-03-30

    I wrote a HTML code for tabs which 2 of them are drop-down type. When mouse is over these 2 tabs, they became deselected, however it doesn't happen for other tabs. would you please help me to solve this problem. Should I use class=selected in another

    Tags: html
  • Button click doesn't open new window 2018-03-16

    I have a font awesome icon <i> item inside a a href with a target='_blank' - yet only the text is clickable; clicking on the icon opens a new tab with about:blank, not the actual link. <a href="..." class="not-light" target=&q

    Tags: html, href, font awesome
  • How to redirect to a page in my website 2018-03-14

    How can I redirect mobile users from to I don't want desktop users to be redirected, just mobile. I tried searching everywhere but no luck. --------------Solutions------------- You can use jQuery to detect size of screen.

    Tags: html, css
  • Need to be able to target individual button using code that applies to all buttons 2018-03-10

    When one of my buttons is clicked, I need the button to change to a red background with white text. This needs to work for any new buttons added later on. How can I do this without individually adjusting each button? Here's my code: <!DOCTYPE html>

    Tags: html, css
  • Targeting Regex for specific content 2018-03-01

    I want all data of Hometown: How do i enchance this regex Hometown: ([^<]*) <br> to get all the Hometown: fields. Currently it will take first and stops in there, wont continue to next Hometown: field Some sample inputs: <strong><a href=

    Tags: html, regex
  • How to Create paragraph first letter uppercase in html & css (in special format)

    How to Create paragraph first letter uppercase in html & css (in special format) 2018-02-26

    please help me to create this format of paragraph in html & css .home-p-main { font-family: Times New Roman; font-size: 10pt; text-align: left; position: relative; margin-left: 10pt; margin-right: 10pt; position: absolute; margin-top: 1pt; color: bla

    Tags: html, css, pseudo element
  • why my span is not in middle of main container 2018-02-20

    I am trying to display Booking in the middle of red screen but it fails, Main container must have to be display:block property however I can make changes to child div and span, I was able to make it work with margin-top set programmatically with posi

    Tags: html, css
  • can't able zoom in out in mobile devices 2018-02-18

    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, user-scalable=no, minimum-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0" /> I am using the above meta tag to detect the device but I can't use + n - normally we use in the webs

    Tags: html
  • Why is this simple SVG icon scaling? 2018-01-27

    I have a jsFiddle demonstrating this: I've made a simple SVG icon for a window restore. I wish it to be 13x11. Here's the page markup: <svg display="none" width="0" height="0" version="

    Tags: html, css, svg
  • How to pass boolean variable of false in a URL 2018-01-22

    I cannot work out how to pass a variable with a boolean value of false through a URL string. What is the correct method? domain/page?test=false domain/page?test= domain/page?test=0 --------------Solutions------------- URLs are strings and all values

    Tags: html, get
  • parsing weird structure of the HTML using python - second ver 2018-01-20

    I asked a question yesterday, it was very clearly understood, but I have more tricky question now. First, show this html structure what I want to parse <body> <div id="links"> <a href='url1'>apple-explain</a> <blackquo

    Tags: html, parsing, python 3.x, beautifulsoup
  • Add padding to horizontal scroll box 2018-01-04

    The following code works as it should, but I'd like to have some padding on the right to give some space between the text and the border. The padding: 5px, puts padding on the top, left and bottom, but not the right. Everthing I've tried failed. Any

    Tags: html, css3
  • aligning divs horizantally in HTMLwith different contents 2018-01-03

    I have a header with three divs, example <header class="main"> <div class="logo-image"> <image src="images/small_logo.jpg" alt="Logo"> </div> <div class="selectoption"> <ul

    Tags: html
  • requires http://www. or extends current URL 2017-12-31

    When I am using a <a href="" target="_blank"> if I click the link I am taken to currentsite/ If I then change this to <a href="" target="_blank">

    Tags: html, hyperlink, href
  • CSS one class to ignore another 2017-12-26

    I have something like this <div class="text-holder"> <h2>this is text-holder</h2> <p>this is text</p> </div> <a href="#" class="ignore"> <div class="text-holder"> <

    Tags: html, css

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