• Unable to get the CSS :not() selector working as required 2018-11-13

    I'm a bit stumped with trying to get the CSS :not() selector to work for me in a very specific way. I've spent a huge amount of time looking around and found some good resources like this page but in the end I had to admit defeat. I'm hoping a more e

    Tags: html, css, css3
  • Why is my animation not playing? 2018-11-11

    I've followed a short tutorial to create a bouncing arrow however the code I've used it pretty much the same excluding small differences. However, when I add it to my hero unit, it doesn't play my animation. It could be the transform or keyframe mixi

    Tags: html, css
  • Positioning a background image in an element with an offset from the bottom

    Positioning a background image in an element with an offset from the bottom 2018-11-09

    Is there a way to set a background to be fixed to the center, and to the bottom, but not flush with the bottom of the element, rather 100px up from the bottom of the element? (Of course the bg image would only be visible with in the div bounds) This

    Tags: html, css, background image
  • Scrapy xpath construction for tables of data - yielding empty brackets 2018-11-08

    I am attempting to build out xpath constructs for data items I would like to extract from several hundred pages of a site that are all formatted the same. An example site is As can be seen the site has he

    Tags: html, xpath, scrapy
  • How to identify an element via XPath when IDs keep changing 2018-10-29

    I am using a website, where the values of the elements are changing dynamically every time the elements load. The id's are dynamic and so is the XPath. I don't seem to have any unique identifier to locate the elements. Please advise on the best way t

    Tags: html, xml, xpath, web scraping, selenium webdriver
  • Div ul list css menu 2018-10-26

    How can I have a child div appear when I hover on the parent div? Please view.Fiddle My apologies if my code is incorrect. Thank you --------------Solutions------------- #submenu11 { width:550px; height:400px; float:none; padding-left:1px; padding-to

    Tags: html, css, menu
  • creating a dynamic html select option with perl 2018-10-21

    The default selected value from the database is not displayed, I also checked the HTML and does not show the selected value. Can someone give me some insight on where I went wrong. Thanks my $selected_val = 'selected'; print "<select>"; if

    Tags: html, perl
  • How to maintain the background image until end of the page

    How to maintain the background image until end of the page 2018-10-13

    I have this short example: CODE CSS: body{ background:url(DECUPATE/TEST/images/ppp.jpg); bacground-size:contain; backgoun-repeat:none; } I put a picture to understand what they want to do. if you put background size: cover appears to the end but ther

    Tags: html, css
  • Frameset: remove scrollbar and display full page without hiding overflow 2018-10-01

    i have frameset defined like this <frameset rows="15%,*,15%" border="0"> <frame border="0" src="/commonHeader.html"> <frameset border="0" cols="15%,*"> <frame border="0&

    Tags: html, css, frames, frameset, html frames
  • Raw twig variable filter within a short if 2018-09-27

    I am using short conditional to discriminate the values ​​displayed in a list of records. For example if I want the name of the customers who have a greater than 100 identifier are emphasized (<em> </em>) perform the following: {# Displays the

    Tags: html, symfony2, twig
  • CSS Pseudo Class Selection not working 2018-09-26

    I have the following HTML structure: <ol> <li><a id="a" href="#">Not this</a></li> <li><a id="b" href="#">Not this</a></li> <li><a id="c" href

    Tags: html, css, css selectors, pseudo class
  • My iPhone 6 gets the iPhone 5 media query 2018-09-23

    I can't figure out what is going on here. I have in my CSS media query specially for iphone 5: @media only screen and (min-device-width : 320px) and (max-device-width : 568px) { #some-div { display: none; } } I open the web page on my Iphone 6 and fo

    Tags: html, css, iphone, css3, ios
  • Is there any way to get colored html entities-? 2018-09-18

    Here I want html entities in colors. As the default color is black, I want them to be in specific color without css styling. Is that possible.... .error_number { color: #F00; } <span class="error_number">✔</span> Thanks in advance..

    Tags: html, css
  • Site not responsive in some mobile phones

    Site not responsive in some mobile phones 2018-09-17

    We have a one-page site, built responsively, and in most phones it appears responsive. However, in some smart phones it's just zoomed out. It seems to be caused by an image in the middle (4 grey boxes with colored dots between them) being much wider

    Tags: html, responsive design
  • CSS code works in firefox and IE but not in chrome

    CSS code works in firefox and IE but not in chrome 2018-09-11

    I have this website in which a I have a menu. The CSS for this menu works perfectly fine on Mozilla Firefox and IE but does not work in chrome. In chrome the sub menu is underneath the photo by it but in FF and IE its above(as it should be). At the s

    Tags: html, css, google chrome
  • Error when enter "8" in Japanese keyboard

    Error when enter "8" in Japanese keyboard 2018-09-04

    I have a crazy problem when I code an admin page. When i enter the "8" to this dialog, its how me like this picture. Every button else is ok. Here my code: <div class="modal-header"> <h4>{{'TITLE'|translate}}</h4> <

    Tags: html, laravel
  • CSS for mobile layout 2018-08-23

    I need help with tweaking the CSS for my site so that its mobile friendly. When you open the site in major desktop browsers such as Chrome, IE and Firefox, everything renders correctly, but if I open the site in mobile Safari or Chrome, the rendering

    Tags: html, css, css3, html5
  • XML to HTML translation using AJAX 2018-08-04

    I have two XML files 'Categories.xml' and 'Products.xml'. 'Categories' has the types of categories a product can fall into and 'Products' has a list of products that includes a category-id which corresponds to a category in the 'Category' xml file. T

    Tags: html, xml, ajax
  • Fixed block with negative z-index overlaps the body background 2018-08-02

    I have a block with fixed positioning and negative z-index I want to be behind the body: html, body { min-height: 100%; } body { position: relative; background: green; } .sidebar { z-index: -999; position: fixed; top: 0; right: 0; min-height: 100%; w

    Tags: html, css, fixed
  • Importance of head tag in HTML 2018-08-01

    I had a confusion, i gone through a page coding which written in jsp embedded the html, my task is to alter some HTML stuff. In that i found there is end tag </html> but developer doesn't start the <head>. But the page is working without any i

    Tags: html, twitter bootstrap

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