• Hide remote branches with Git and SourceTree 2017-08-19

    The origin has about a hundred branches that I don't care about and are probably not used. In SourceTree, I have to look at all of them and select the main branch whenever I push. Is there anyway I can hide all these branches?

    Tags: git, atlassian sourcetree
  • Renamed files inside git 2017-07-12

    I am a new programmer in a team. And at my first day I have this renamed file inside a stage, ready to be committed by git: $ git status On branch master Changes to be committed: (use "git reset HEAD <file>..." to unstage) modified: .gitig

    Tags: git, file rename
  • Git undo change to repository 2017-06-28

    Sometimes I just make a mistake and do something I did not want with Git: committing bad code creating a branch with a bad name Is it possible to put git repository (.git directory) under version control itself, and then write a script to make a comm

    Tags: git
  • Git push not creating remote branch, pushing to master 2017-06-26

    I'm having an issue where I'm trying to push a local branch to a remote branch so that I can then create a pull request into master. I'm using: git push origin brachname This seems to fail, and instead is pushing to the master remote branch (which is

    Tags: git, push, git push
  • Equivalent command for P4 shelve in GIT 2016-11-13

    I have migrated from perforce to git . Earlier , in p4 , I could make the changes in my tree visible to others using p4 shelve. Everyone accessing the same p4 server were able to see my modifications . But now in GIT , I am looking for an equivalent

    Tags: git, perforce
  • git of my organizations repository renamed and now I can not sync to it 2016-09-28

    I have renamed a repository. This is a private repository belonging to an organization. I am no longer able to sync my commits with github windows client. I receive this error when I do. The repository doesn't seem to exist anymore. You may not have

    Tags: git, github
  • Git pull fails and sometimes causes introducing external changes but sometimes it just asks to commit changes firstly 2016-06-26

    I try to keep git history linear by avoiding excess merge commits. For that reason when I want to commit new changes firstly I try to git pull and then call git commit. (btw I don't want to use git rebase command) But git pull often fails because of

    Tags: git, git merge, git pull
  • How to delete malformed remote branches/tags in git? 2016-06-17

    I don't know how it happened but somehow our remote repo has branches and tags named like this showing up when I run the git ls-remote command: refs/heads/abc^{} refs/tags/def^{} And I cannot seem to delete them the usual way: git push origin :refs/h

    Tags: git
  • Git : Deploy web application production and test versions in different servers 2016-04-22

    I am new to Git. I have a Laravel PHP application in two servers. Test server (for testing) Live server (for production) Once I finish working with the local application repository, I push the changes into the remote repository. After that, I use Dep

    Tags: git, versioning, web deployment, production environment, test environments
  • Directory level access in git 2016-03-24

    I have one repository in git which has many sub-projects.Like this repo parent project | |----project 1 |----project 2 |----project 3 |----project 4 Now, I would like to give access such that user1 can access only project1, user2 can access only proj

    Tags: git
  • Can't rename remote branch 2016-03-21

    I want to rename a remote branch from research_mvp to research First, I rename local branch [research_mvp]> git branch -m research_mvp research Second, I delete the remote branch [research]> git push origin :research_mvp Third, I push up new branch

    Tags: git, github
  • Recover from bad .gitattributes 2016-03-15

    I put this in a .gitattributes file due to a misunderstanding: * text=auto eol=lf I thought this meant that for all files git should autodetect if it's text, and if it is text, enforce LF-only when files are added to the repo, by converting CRLF to L

    Tags: git
  • git merging, I keep screwing it up. 2016-02-29

    I know this is all over git docs, and stack overflow, but I still cant seem to figure out what Im doing wrong. I am working with git in attempt to do a hard revert to one of my commits. meaning that I want to discard all of my new commits since then,

    Tags: git
  • Setting up jenkins with git by ssh

    Setting up jenkins with git by ssh 2016-02-07

    Im trying to setup jekins with Git by ssh. Standard execute: git clone ssh://[username]@[server]/srv/git/[repo] after putting password repositorium is cloned on my disk. Now on jenkins ssh://[username]@[server]/srv/git/[repo].git Failed to connect to

    Tags: git, ssh, git clone, jenkins
  • On git, how would I push changes to my deployed repo ignoring a specific folder that has already been pushed to my origin repo? 2016-01-01

    Initially I thought that a folder that shouldn't be tracked by git was included in my .gitignore file. However, for what ever the reason - it seems that this folder wasn't ignored. Since then, I have made some changes and commits which have been push

    Tags: deployment, git, github
  • Git p4 clone doesn't copy the files into git repo 2015-12-05

    I am trying to use git p4 clone //dev to get all the files that are in p4 client into git . But it is not copying all the files that are p4 opened Ex:- In p4 tree , I add a file called abc.txt . But when I clone the p4 tree, I don't get the files tha

    Tags: git, perforce
  • Branching off a non-merged feature branch? 2015-12-02

    I currently need to complete some work that depends on another feature branch which hasn't merged into develop yet, I know I can branch off this feature branch and do my work. The main question I have is, won't this result in duplicate commits appear

    Tags: git
  • How do I manually deploy files to a working tree? 2015-12-01

    I have read articles about automating deployment of files to the working tree of a git repository. Just out of curiosity, how do I do that manually after I pushed all my changes to my remote repository? --------------Solutions------------- If your co

    Tags: git
  • Disconnecting: Protocol error: expected packet type 31, got 94 2015-11-20

    when ever we try to clone over ssh the audio repo which is of 65+GB in size , we are getting below Error . Any suggestion please ? we are able to clone using file:// protocol & repo heath is fine ... git clone ssh://server-gerrit/project_Q2/audio Clo

    Tags: git, ssh
  • get hash without committing 2015-10-13

    I need to track data being created by an application, such that the data has an identifier written alongside it, that tells the code version of the software that wrote it. For this to work also in a development environment, it is clear that a git com

    Tags: git

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