• Can't connect to gitblit when run as service on windows 2018-12-05

    I've installed gitblit successfully. When running gitblit.cmd everything works and I can connect from remote computers. Though when I start it as a service, the service starts just fine, and I can visit it through localhost. But I cannot connect from

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  • Git rebase original project 2018-12-01

    I have forked a project. I am the sole maintainer. Now the original project has changed its master branch. Can I merge those changes in my development branch or in both my master and development branch? I read about rebase but I'm not sure that's how

    Tags: git, github, rebase
  • GIT INIT not creating a working tree 2018-11-29

    I'm doing a simple git init C:\XXX running from my master machine to be executed on another slave machine. C:\XXX is a path in the slave. The assumption is that it would create a non bare repository as I did not provide a --bare option. Also I looked

    Tags: git, git bare, git init
  • Showing duplicate files 2018-09-22

    I am a beginner and I have the following issue. I am using Xcode 6.2. I have added file by copying and I have started working. Then later I have delete the source mistakenly. I have added missing files by using show in finder option. But it creates d

    Tags: git, repository
  • Gerrit replication not working with Github and no errors 2018-07-23

    I'm using Gerrit 0.11 and replication plugin 0.11. I have verified I have ssh access to Github by making a test repo and pushing something to it. It works as expected. Whenever I submit a review it says it is merged, but nothing is replicated. logs/r

    Tags: git, replication, gerrit
  • Including specific file extension in gitignore 2018-07-20

    I want to include all the *.meta files in the Assets directory and all subdirectories while excluding everything else in Assets I tried /Assets/* !/Assets/**/*.meta !*.meta but that only include *.meta within /Assets ???? Thanks for any help --------

    Tags: git, gitignore
  • Merge conflict error, when there was no change in mentioned file 2018-06-15

    I have a site local repo and a remote repo. Local repo contains the 1-2 month old content of remote repo. I try to pull the whole content into local repo. git pull origin master From ssh://.../site.git * branch master -> FETCH_HEAD ... CONFLICT (add/

    Tags: git, git merge
  • How can I bring a specific commit and work on it : on git 2018-06-10

    I am a new user of the git. I have many files. How can I bring a specific file and work on it,Without deleting other commit? I tried to use reset --hard and checkout but This deletes all other commit. What is the correct way? --------------Solutions-

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  • Need help understanding a merge and "Closed with unmerged commits" message

    Need help understanding a merge and "Closed with unmerged commits" message 2018-05-06

    I'm trying to understand this process and, from a git functionality point of view as well as an open source development POV, what happened here. This PR gets a thumbs up and LGTM comment, then ends as "Closed with unmerged commits." The commits

    Tags: open source, git, github
  • Gerrit event on Jenkins doesn't trigger automatically on git push

    Gerrit event on Jenkins doesn't trigger automatically on git push 2018-03-26

    I'm new to Jenkins/Gerrit. I'm trying to integrate gerrit with jenkins. I've a jenkins project setup to be triggered when there is a changeset created (push) in my git repository, which is hosted with a gerrit project. The master branch doesn't accep

    Tags: git, jenkins, gerrit, gerrit trigger
  • In git extension is it possible to commit and merge into a different branch in one action? 2018-01-24

    We have a Master and QA branches. For each task I create a new branch T1. I develop on T1 than merge to QA, and merge back to master once approved. So, during dev, I waste a lot of time on commit+push/switch branch (QA)/merge T1 to QA/push/switch bra

    Tags: git, git extensions
  • git-flow on more that one master 2017-12-16

    I use git-flow on SouceTree to manage my project; all worked well untiĆ²l now but now I want redefine the interface with the backend (in summary I will replace the ajax call to the server to functions call to new oData object...) Ok, the my desire is

    Tags: git, git flow, atlassian sourcetree, sapui, openui5
  • How Do I Pull a Single Commit In Git? 2017-12-14

    Someone fixed an error in a program on Github, but it hasn't been added to the master branch. I want to just pull this one commit, but everything I've tried gives an error saying bad object. --------------Solutions------------- It would be easier to:

    Tags: git, tree, hash, branch, github
  • Git: Turn current master into branch and keep uncommitted changes 2017-12-03

    I'm working on my current master and have done quite a few changes which are as of now neither locally nor remotely committed. However, I am ready to commit them. Before doing so I would like to turn the current master without these uncommitted chang

    Tags: git
  • What does "If OAuth is used, the delete_repo scope is required." mean in GitHub API? 2017-11-05

    I want to use GitHub api to delete a repo, I also tried Octokit, but not work at all, there is a sentence I can't understand in the document, "If OAuth is used, the delete_repo scope is required.", I can't get its point here, please help me, tha

    Tags: git, api, github, octokit
  • How to install Symfony 2.7? 2017-10-27

    The latest stable release of Symfony is 2.6.6 However, I would like to add some code to a core component. I have forked the repo and can clone it locally, but it is only the Symfony core. I need the full framework complete with AcmeDemoBundle so that

    Tags: git, symfony2, composer php, symfony 2.7
  • Git: how to separate out a feature branch after the fact 2017-10-01

    How can I move some commits of a feature from an existing branch into a feature branch, and effectively remove them from the current branch - as if the feature was developed in a separate feature branch? Background: the branch develop contains commit

    Tags: git, feature branch
  • Hide remote branches with Git and SourceTree 2017-08-19

    The origin has about a hundred branches that I don't care about and are probably not used. In SourceTree, I have to look at all of them and select the main branch whenever I push. Is there anyway I can hide all these branches?

    Tags: git, atlassian sourcetree
  • Renamed files inside git 2017-07-12

    I am a new programmer in a team. And at my first day I have this renamed file inside a stage, ready to be committed by git: $ git status On branch master Changes to be committed: (use "git reset HEAD <file>..." to unstage) modified: .gitig

    Tags: git, file rename
  • Git undo change to repository 2017-06-28

    Sometimes I just make a mistake and do something I did not want with Git: committing bad code creating a branch with a bad name Is it possible to put git repository (.git directory) under version control itself, and then write a script to make a comm

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