• Where is this spacing coming from? 2017-09-16

    This question already has an answer here: Why is there an unexplainable gap between these inline-block div elements? [duplicate] 3 answers It's been a long day and I can't think what is causing the spacing between my divs FIDDLE .sticker { position:r

    Tags: css, margin, padding
  • Font Awesome icons not working when served from file system or IIS

    Font Awesome icons not working when served from file system or IIS 2017-09-05

    So I have Font Awesome working in my project. Currently that's being served by Grunt in development. The problem is that when I try to run the site from the file system or from IIS, the icons aren't working. They're unrecognizable symbols. Grunt and

    Tags: css, iis, fonts, font awesome
  • CSS works only after inspect

    CSS works only after inspect 2017-08-11

    I am experiencing an strange behaviour on my site: only after I inspect the page, the elements are displayed in the right place, otherwise I get a blank space between the last printed element and the bottom of the screen. Link: http://reframe.thnk.or

    Tags: css
  • Respond.js crossdomain proxy not working 2017-08-10

    I am currently setting up respond.js with the proxy bundle because my website is running on a domain, and my css file are on the same server but not the same subdomain. Here is my header: <!-- CSS --> <link rel="stylesheet" href="&

    Tags: proxy, css, internet explorer, cdn, respond.js
  • AJAX TabContainer invalid visibility in IE8 2017-08-07

    I have very simple Asp.Net site for display info from DB. This site have only one page with TabContainer control, where tabs contain panel with GridView. Everythink work fine in Chrome, FF, IE11, but in IE8 TabContainer is invisible (directly style i

    Tags: asp.net, css, internet explorer 8
  • 3 part linear gradient troubles 2017-07-31

    This bar identifies the tab below a top menu to add some color to the layout. The gradient works without the % value thrown in but what I wanted to do is stretch the solid color at the edge a bit to better define the menu. What changes should I make?

    Tags: css, gradient
  • Why don't my thumbnails appear in the same row? 2017-07-22

    I'm trying to create a basic image gallery using Bootstrap in AngularJS. I'm following a tutorial here: http://www.tutorialspoint.com/bootstrap/bootstrap_thumbnails.htm but I've seen many other sites use the same or similar code. When I run it on my

    Tags: css, angularjs, twitter bootstrap
  • Is it possible to have a child Div remove portion of parent div's border? 2017-07-04

    Using just CSS is it possible to have a child div border "override" or "remove" a portion of its parent's border? Essentially I'd like to have a border but not on the outside of specific rows, and I'd like to do so without rearranging

    Tags: css, css3
  • Cursor pointer causes flickers on iPad 2017-06-16

    I came across an issue while running my web on an iPad. The ipad wouldn't raise a click even when I make a touch on the screen. I overcame this by applying the following css on the html body: cursor: pointer; Now when I touch away it detects the touc

    Tags: css, angularjs
  • Ruby on Rails, css background image tag 2017-06-15

    I am using the Ruby on Rails Asset Pipeline. I am using the image tag in css exactly how the documentation shows. I am not interested in using any other tag, I want this one to work. Why isn't image-url rewriting the name of background.jpg to backgro

    Tags: css, ruby on rails
  • ngTagsInput css issue 2017-05-23

    I'm using ngTagsInput plugin to render some autocomplete tags. I have used this in one of my previous projects and worked fine. However , in my new project , when I add the ngTagsInput css, it doesnot show the text area for user to type tags. I check

    Tags: css, ionic framework, ng tags input
  • CSS3 border animation ghost 2017-05-16

    I have this little border animation but has a ghost in the left top corner, a black dot, I don't know how to get rid of it... You can check it here: http://codepen.io/xaeoc/pen/xGRgze body { background-color: #333; height: 230px; } .lluv { width: 230

    Tags: css, css3, animation, border
  • How do I change the style of an existing Wordpress menu to be Floated and horizontal? 2016-12-03

    Please check : http://shoejunction.net/ In the top menu, if you put your cursor on Shoes by Brand, it will show a really long list of items. I want these items to be in a floating square drop down. So it will fit inside the page (the top menu goes do

    Tags: css, menu, wordpress
  • Always display the Rating bubble in md-slider

    Always display the Rating bubble in md-slider 2016-11-29

    I'm going through md-slider in md-discrete mode. However, I want to display the slider bubble all the time like this: I dont want this bubble to disappear when I click anywhere else. Is there a way to do this ? --------------Solutions------------- Yo

    Tags: css, css3, angularjs, angular material
  • File to import not found or unreadable 2016-11-20

    I get this error below in terminal, and I do not know what the problem is... "error ./sass/screen.scss (Line 8: File to import not found or unreadable: compass/reset. error ./style.scss (Line 2: File to import not found or unreadable: reset.scss.&quo

    Tags: css, sass, compass
  • HTML1113: and SEC7115 causing issue in the page CSS 2016-11-08

    Recently I made a few changes in my CSS. But these changes do not seem to be reflecting in my System Internet Explorer browser.But when I visit the same page in some other browser everything seems to be working fine and all the CSS is applied. I chec

    Tags: css, internet explorer, cross browser, styles, quirks mode
  • Rails Sass: variables arenot passed with @import 2016-10-20

    I have a rails project which uses twitter bootstrap and sass. The scss files are structured into folders so i have a better overview. Now I want to define a file for global variables which contains my colors etc. and pass those values down to other f

    Tags: ruby, css, ruby on rails, sass, twitter bootstrap
  • Enable scroll bar on fixed window border div 2016-10-12

    I'm trying to enable browser scroll bar in my website but didn't work. This is the site online : http://guillaumeruiz.com All projects in this "gallery" are hidden and visible with a hide Id function. I used a left-right-top-bottom fixed divs fo

    Tags: css, fixed
  • Image inside flex-item ignores max-height:100% in chrome and firefox - (works in safari) 2016-07-17

    I want an image to fill either the width or height of the window-size/viewport. For a better understanding of what i'm trying to do, i've created an example on codepen - please check out and resize the preview. It works fine in safari but chrome and

    Tags: css, css3, flexbox
  • Circle width animation

    Circle width animation 2016-06-06

    I'm pretty new to CSS3 animations to I'd like to know you how to do the following one: I have a circe: On mousehover, I'd like to have a width transition and obtain this image: Of course this does not work: .logo { width: 100px; height: 100px; border

    Tags: css, css3, css shapes, css animations

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