• What is this "[0 - 255] =" syntax in C? 2018-07-20

    Refering to js0n.c The code syntax is as below: static void *gostruct[] = { [0 ... 255] = &&l_bad, ['\t'] = &&l_loop, [' '] = &&l_loop, ['\r'] = &&l_loop, ['\n'] = &&l_loop, ['"'] = &&l_qup, [':'] = &am

    Tags: gcc extensions
  • Problems in upgrading to Window Azure 2.5 2018-07-19

    I tried to upgrade to Window Azure SDK 2.5 from 1.8 by creating a new Azure Cloud Service project. But got error when deploying to azure cloud: Your role instances have recycled a number of times during an update or upgrade operation. This indicates

    Tags: azure, windows azure diagnostics
  • CS:GO item lookup with steamkit2 api 2018-07-17

    I am trying to get items from a trade to send to a database. The only issue is that the data im receiving isn't giving me what I need. I am using JesseCar96's steambot for TF2 and have reprogrammed it for CS:GO. When I run the following code I have a

    Tags: steam web api, steam
  • read information USB bluetooth? 2018-07-15

    How can I read the information that comes to a bluetooth connected to a USB port? I'm looking for ways to read small files that are sent to my bluetooth connected to the USB port. But not how to read the port. You could help me or recommend a book or

  • ifstream and ofstream or fstream using in and out 2018-07-14

    When dealing with files, which of the two examples below is preferred? Does one provide better performance than the other? Is there any difference at all? ifstream input("input_file.txt"); ofstream output("output_file.txt"); vs fstream

    Tags: fstream, ofstream, ifstream
  • Timestamp and UTC kind 2018-07-14

    In my application i receive Time stamp and in c# code I convert into date and pass this date to execute the stored procedure .My application is placed in server machine. But when this date is printed in log i saw the date is receiving in server one d

    Tags: date, datetime, utc, timestamp
  • SQL Client Connection namespace or class 2018-07-14

    Can anyone here know reference links or how to create an Object Oriented Connection on ASP.NET C# which handle OPEN Connection, Close Connection, SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE, INSERT and populating. It much better if I have this on a single class or namesp

    Tags: asp.net
  • WPF ScrollViewer Slow To Load With RichTextBox 2018-07-12

    I have following simple code, I just want to load a text a file (file with 82KB and 4000 Lines) into a RichTextBox. But whenever i use ScrollViewer it takes considerable time to load, i want to use a ScrollViewer since i want to scroll to a specific

    Tags: wpf
  • How do P make B frames from a directory of images (frames of a video) using opencv in c++? 2018-07-12

    I very new to opencv and image/video processing so I apologize in advance if my question seems unclear or vague. I currently have a directory of images which I read using imread()and then stored the greyscale frames in a vector vector <Mat> frames.

    Tags: opencv
  • Optimize: VB.Net Load Image From File and Resize, On-the-Fly; Objective: FAST 2018-07-10

    I'm going to post what my design objective was, and how I obtained it. I am interested to see if there are any ways in which I missed the mark or could have optimized better. [Objectives] ~ Add 'fast' photo scrolling to an existing WinForms applicati

    Tags: performance, image, vb.net
  • Unexpected output of scansets in C 2018-07-08

    as expected this prog. should accept a number until it encounters a 4 but it gives some garbage value. why? int main(void) { int a; printf("Enter a number: "); scanf("%[^4]d", &a); printf("You entered: %d\n", a); return 0

    Tags: set
  • "ConvertPdbToMdb" task failed unexpectedly 2018-07-08

    I am using Xamarin in Visual Studio 2015 RC to build iOS apps. As soon as I am using something like this in my code: button.TouchUpInside += delegate { // Whatever } I get the error, in Debug (in Release, it works) : "ConvertPdbToMdb" task faile

    Tags: visual studio, ios, xamarin
  • BackgroundDownloader only downloading 5 at once 2018-07-06

    I create 1,000 downloads using BackgroundDownloader.CreateDownload, then I queue up 100 of them by doing DownloadOperation.Start. If I watch the traffic in fiddler, only 5 of them at actually send out at once. When one finishes, another is sent out.

    Tags: windows runtime, winrt async
  • Get windows.storage.fileproperties namespace in visual studio pro 2012 2018-07-06

    I'd like to use methods in the videoproperties class in windows.storage.fileproperties but I cant find it when i try to add reference to my project. Where can I download the namespace and how do I add it to visual studio?

    Tags: add references dialog, visual studio 2012
  • how to create small notification application using event and delegate 2018-07-04

    I am planning to create a small demo application for notification. here, I have two users "User1" and "User2", they register to recieve notification. I want to provide a time at which user gets the notification. So, my question is, how

    Tags: delegates, event handling
  • c# mvc 5 Why is my session null? 2018-07-03

    So I'm working with the Twitter API. My code looks like this: public ActionResult AuthorizeTwitter() { Response.Redirect(GetRequestToken()); return View(); } private string GetRequestToken() { var twitter = new Twitter(consumer, consumerSecret, oauth

    Tags: twitter oauth, oauth 2.0, asp.net mvc 5
  • How to remove extra characters input from fgets in C? 2018-07-03

    I heard using gets() is bad in C programming and it's safer using fgets... So I am using fgets. However, I encounter a problem with fgets: I entered too much characters and somehow, it overflows. How to get rid of the extra input characters? char ans

    Tags: overflow, input, fgets, output
  • OpenCV core DLL missing-all of a sudden? 2018-07-03

    This is a super common issue on here, but it seems to be the most arbitrary also. It seems that a million different things can cause it. After running build after build in RELEASE mode on 64 bit VS2012, I now get a opencv_core249.dll is missing from

    Tags: opencv
  • What will happen if Connection close event called inside the Using Statement in C# 2018-07-02

    My assumption is if Sqlconnection opened With in Using Statement, dispose event will takes place automatically after execution of statement, if i forced to close the connection with in the Using Statement what will happen is that bad Practice ? using

    Tags: sql
  • What CWinThread::PumpMessage does 2018-07-01

    While I debugging a windows application developed by C++, I found this function call CWinThread::PumpMessage(). I have read in MSDN and, few other forum post to get understand. But still I'm not sure what it does. Is there someone could help to expla

    Tags: multithreading

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