Cannot get the HTML value of a dd element with jQuery

Please help, I cannot get the html value of a dd element.

This is my code:

<table id="tabla_costo"> <h2> Costo de Producción </h2> <dl> <dt>Codigo></dt> <dd class="code"> &nbsp; </dd> <dt>Codigo Secundario></dt> <dd class="code2"> &nbsp; </dd> <dt>Producto</dt> <dd class="name"> &nbsp; </dd> <dt>Cantidad</dt> <dd class="quantity"> &nbsp; </dd> <dt>Costo</dt> <dd class="cost"> &nbsp; </dd> </dl> </table>

I've tried this, but does not work:

var dl = $('#tabla_costo dl').find('dd.code').first().html(); console.log(dl);

But I'm getting undefined

This is my jsfiddle: (updated)

-------------Problems Reply------------

This is because your <table> has no rows or cells, so it's not a valid DOM structure.

If you change your <table> so that its content is in a cell:

<table id="tabla_costo">

it all works fine.

Following the answer from @RichieHindle, the only solution that would work here is the following.

var dl = $('dl').find(".code").html();

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