Can you combine multiple lists with LINQ?

Say I have two lists:

var list1 = new int[] {1, 2, 3}; var list2 = new string[] {"a", "b", "c"};

Is it possible to write a LINQ statement that will generate the following list:

var result = new []{ new {i = 1, s = "a"}, new {i = 1, s = "b"}, new {i = 1, s = "c"}, new {i = 2, s = "a"}, new {i = 2, s = "b"}, new {i = 2, s = "c"}, new {i = 3, s = "a"}, new {i = 3, s = "b"}, new {i = 3, s = "c"} };


Edit: I forgot to mention I didn't want it in query syntax. Anyway, based on preetsangha's answer I've got the following:

var result = list1.SelectMany(i => list2.Select(s => new {i = i, s = s}));

-------------Problems Reply------------

preetsangha's answer is entirely correct, but if you don't want a query expression then it's:

var result = list1.SelectMany(l1 => list2, (l1, l2) => new { i = l1, s = l2} );

(That's what the compiler compiles the query expression into - they're identical.)

var result = from l1 in list1
from l2 in list2
select new { i = l1, s = l2};

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