Can't get USB controller to work

I've got a new USB controller which came with an installation CD which I ran. However I still can't get the controller to work (wanted for game use), nothing happens when I use it. It says the drivers are up to date and in the device manager it shows up as a USB Input Device under Human Interface Devices. Any ideas anyone please?

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It would be helpful if you posted more details about the controller? Brand, make, model, etc.

It's just a cheap one I picked up online. The packaging says eway pc gamepad for pc / pc vibration keypad and above the barcode it says EW-2106 which I presume must be the model number. It's obviously an old model as it says compatible with win 98/2000/ME/XP/Vista on the back but the item description when I bought it said compatible with Windows 8.

you may have to start googling for usb drivers for your controller..

then you probably have to find some software that is similar to this.

(I don't think this is the correct software for you but just give you example of what you are looking for.. but you can try it..)

Better DS3 | An offline alternative MotioninJoy driver configuration tool.

I've tried updating my drivers using SlimDrivers but it has not found any new drivers for it.

I just purchased an Orb Wired Game Controller 020611 and I can't get that to work either and it is recognised in the Device Manager as a USB Input Device. Any suggestions anyone please??

like he said,

I'm sorry i can't search for it right now, but the only answer lies in finding some software that allows your computer to "see" and "map" those keys ...

search google for a "usb controller" map key program.. or even "usb gamepad" re-map keys..

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