Can I (relatively easily) test ZK interfaces in Watir?

How easily will Watir interact with a ZK interface? If "not at all" do you have any recommendations for automated testing of the web interface for me?

Edit: Another way to put this would be can I test a Spring/ZK generated page (Ajax/JScript). I found another issue too: I need not to use a proxy to test (like Sahi does) if at all possible.

Edit: I have been testing ZK interfaces now for quite some time. With a higher knowledge of Watir (and now webdriver) I can say it's definitely possible. Timing isn't usually an issue, but finding the elements certainly can be as the ids are dynamically generated. I recommend a strong, maintainable, object oriented approach with a powerful and dynamic DSL, or you'll be listing every element on the page in a custom built object library of some sort. So... it works, but it needs extra effort.

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If you're talking about this: you can take a look at the DOM output, it's atrocious, but possible to test it with Watir. I've dealt with some apps that generate awful output like that. It makes for a challenge. :) Search the Watir google group for testing Ajax, plenty of people do it.



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