CakePHP - Blank page on navigating to page

I have the following controller method:

function recover_password() { $this->layout = 'frontend'; $this->loadModel('PasswordReset'); $this->Fonyker->recusive = -1; if($this->data) { $fields = array( 'Fonyker.fonykid', 'Fonyker.username', '', '' ); $fonyker = $this->Fonyker->find('first', array( 'conditions' => array( 'OR' => array( '' => $this->data['Fonyker']['field'], 'Fonyker.username' => $this->data['Fonyker']['field'] ) ), 'fields' => $fields )); if($fonyker) { $this->PasswordReset->create(); $passwordReset = array(); $passwordReset = array( 'PasswordReset' => array( 'code' => hash('sha256', $fonyker['Fonyker']['fonykid'].StringUtils::getRandomString(20)), 'fonykid' => $fonyker['Fonyker']['fonykid'] ) ); $this->PasswordReset->save($passwordReset); $data = array( 'username' => $fonyker['Fonyker']['username'], 'code' => $passwordReset['PasswordReset']['code'], 'name' => $fonyker['Fonyker']['name'], 'email' => $fonyker['Fonyker']['email'] ); $this->_sendPasswordResetEmail($data); } else { } } }

This is the view:

<div class="prepend-top span-24"> <div class="prepend-8 span-8 append-8"> <?php echo $this->Form->create('Fonyker', array('action' => 'recover_password')); echo $this->Form->input('email', array( 'div' => array( 'class' => 'span-8' ), 'class' => 'input-text long', 'id' => 'FonykerEmail', 'label' => array( 'class' => 'inlined', 'text' => '' ), 'placeholder' => 'Username or Email' )); echo $this->Form->submit('',array( 'div' => array( 'class' => 'span-2 last' ), )); echo $this->Form->end(); ?> </div> </div>

When I navigate to the page all I get is a blank page, and sometimes this error: Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded in Unknown on line 0

UPDATE: The error seems to be loading my model, this is the model I have declared:

<?php class PassswordReset extends AppModel { var $name = 'PasswordReset'; var $displayField = 'id'; var $validate = array( 'code' => array( 'alphanumeric' => array( 'rule' => array('alphanumeric'), //'message' => 'Your custom message here', //'allowEmpty' => false, //'required' => false, //'last' => false, // Stop validation after this rule //'on' => 'create', // Limit validation to 'create' or 'update' operations ), ), 'fonykid' => array( 'alphanumeric' => array( 'rule' => array('alphanumeric'), //'message' => 'Your custom message here', //'allowEmpty' => false, //'required' => false, //'last' => false, // Stop validation after this rule //'on' => 'create', // Limit validation to 'create' or 'update' operations ), ) ); } ?>

If I remove the loadModel() call the page loads.

-------------Problems Reply------------

Do you have a table in the database called password_resets? Also, you may want to move your loadModel to the line right before you need it.

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