c++ use cout in class method

I'm getting cin cout and endl as undeclared errors despite using #include <iostream>

#include "navigation.h" #include <iostream> Navigation::Navigation() { xPos=0; yPos=0; } void Navigation::Move() { //get direction int dir; cout << "Select a direction: " << endl; cout << "1) North 3) South" << endl; cout << "2) East 4) West " << endl; cin >> dir; //move switch(dir) { case 0://north yPos++; break; case 1://east xPos++; break; case 2://south yPos--; break; case 3://west xPos--; break; default: cout << "Invalid entry" << endl; } } void Navigation::Position(int &x, int &y) { x = xPos; y = yPos; }

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They are in the std namespace. Add these lines:

using std::cout;
using std::endl;
using std::cin;

Alternatively, each time you use them, call them by their full names, for example:

std::cout << "Select a direction: " << std::endl;

That gets tiresome very quickly and can make your code harder to read, too.

Some people use

using namespace std;

instead, but you may get unwanted side-effects from that. A class you have written may have the same name as something else in the std namespace and your over-broad using statement will now cause a collision. This is why you should NEVER say using namespace std; in a header file. In a .cpp file it's ok, but I prefer individual statements myself. It makes it clear to whoever reads your code what you are using from the headers you have included.

They are members of the std namespace so you need to qualify them with std: std::endl, std::cout and std::cin.

Include using namespace std; after your #include statements.

endl, cin and cout are in the namespace std. You either need a using namespace std; near the top of your file, or to use std::endl, std::cin and std::cout.

you need to declare using namespace std; [after your #includes section] or use std::cout, std::cin, std::endl

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