c# TcpClient can not read valid response from successfully connected telnet server / device

Currently I am working on a network project which includes connecting to tcp servers and some devices. For a long time I successfully used below code for sending tcp command and receiving responses for some device models, but when I try it for Windows Telnet Server 2003 and a Fortigate device, even though I can build tcp connection successfully all I can get as response is some character set like ??%??????'????.

My function for receiving response is:

private string receive() { StringBuilder sbReadBuffer = new StringBuilder(); bool isFinished = false; NetworkStream ns = tcpClient.GetStream(); DateTime lastConTime = DateTime.Now; while (!isFinished) { if (!ns.DataAvailable) { Thread.Sleep(200); if ((DateTime.Now - lastConTime).TotalSeconds > Prms.tcpSendReceiveTimeoutInSeconds) break; else continue; } Int32 receiveCount = ns.Read(receiveBuffer, 0, receiveBuffer.Length); String received = new ASCIIEncoding().GetString(receiveBuffer, 0, receiveCount); sbReadBuffer.Append(received); foreach (String terminaterToken in terminaterTokens) if (sbReadBuffer.ToString().EndsWith(terminaterToken)) isFinished = true; lastConTime = DateTime.Now; } return sbReadBuffer.ToString(); } }

and for building tcp connection and calling receive function:

TcpClient tcpClient = new TcpClient() { SendTimeout = 10000, ReceiveTimeout = 10000 }; tcpClient.Connect(wanIp, 23); String initialMessage = receive();

I tested received messages for the devices that above code works without a problem and I realized for each different device model the initial response is always something like "??%??????'????" but it followed by logical responses like "welcome" vs.

During my tests I discovered the program connects to server/device successfully but can not receive valid responses, which I do not know why. Any idea about this?

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The problems causing "??%??" symbols is because of the telnet option IAC. Returning response values as IAC has bigger decimal codes than 255. Further information about IAC can be reached from the address


The problem with IAC values is that when you try to parse the responses with C# tcpClient using standart code

byte[] sendBuffer = new ASCIIEncoding().GetBytes(str + strNewLine);
tcpClient.GetStream().Write(sendBuffer, 0, sendBuffer.Length);

the code produces the above "??%" values when an IAC values received.

To prevent this and handling IAC values I did some research and found an excellent telnet project on the address http://www.codeproject.com/KB/IP/TelnetSocket.aspx which perfectly handles the IAC values.

For better understanding handling IAC values also checking MinimalisticTelnet library's source code will be useful. I was able to get responses without a problem using MinimalisticTelnet but it failed on sending messages for the devices I work on so I preferred telnet socket project. But I strongly suggest to study MinimalisticTelnet source code for better understanding.

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