C# - Sorting a ListBox by the ending

I have a ListBox that contains some data like below:

C44 EXCLUDES 237.910 193.469 0 0603_5 C45 EXCLUDES 244.102 193.387 0 0603 R47 EXCLUDES 226.935 179.519 90 0402_1 C18 CAP-00129G 230.960 190.619 0 0402 C17 CAP-00129G 250.085 198.569 180 0402_3 Q7 IC-00268G 258.460 205.594 0 SOT236 C25 CAP-00130G 255.635 189.669 90 0402_3 C56 EXCLUDES 229.430 189.374 0 0402 R42 EXCLUDES 241.010 192.194 90 TANT3216 R21 CAP-00129G -123.370 -112.114 270 0402_3 R10 EXCLUDES 246.560 203.894 0 0402_9 ... .......... ....... ....... ... ........

I would like to sort the ListBox by the ending on the strings... so the values in the 6th column (0603_5, 0603_5, 0402_2, 0402_4, 0402_3, TANT3216, 0402_9....).

Although not all of these are shown in the file example above, here is the order of which they should appear (top to bottom):

RES, 0402, 0201, 0603, 0805, 1206, 1306, 1608, 3216, 2551, 1913, 1313, 2513, 5125, 2525, 5619, 3813, 1508, 6431, 2512, 1505, 2208, 1005, 1010, 2010, 0505, 0705, 1020, 1812, 2225, 5764, 4532, 1210, 0816, 0363, SOT.

Also, if there are multiple endings that are similar (see *0402_3* above and below), then the list item will be sorted by the 2nd column. So even though the line beginning with R21 comes after the line beginning with C25, and they both end with *0402_3*, R21 will be placed above C25 because it the 2nd column is checked after the 6th column (this is sorted from smallest to largest).

SO, the new file would look like this:

C18 CAP-00129G 230.960 190.619 0 0402 C56 EXCLUDES 229.430 189.374 0 0402 R47 EXCLUDES 226.935 179.519 90 0402_1 C17 CAP-00129G 250.085 198.569 180 0402_3 R21 CAP-00129G -123.370 -112.114 270 0402_3 C25 CAP-00130G 255.635 189.669 90 0402_3 R10 EXCLUDES 246.560 203.894 0 0402_9 C45 EXCLUDES 244.102 193.387 0 0603 C44 EXCLUDES 237.910 193.469 0 0603_5 R42 EXCLUDES 241.010 192.194 90 TANT3216 Q7 IC-00268G 258.460 205.594 0 SOT236 ... .......... ....... ....... ... ........

Notice the TANT3216 comes before SOT236 because it is going off of the number 3216 not TANT in the above ordering list.


  • How can I properly sort the first file to look like the second file using the 6th column (and if needed the 2nd column)?
  • Could I use Regex or is there a simpler way?
  • I have 3 ListBoxes, this 1 needs to be sorted using the rules (endings) above, the 2nd ListBox uses seperate rules, and the 3rd ListBox sorts anything else that did not go into the 1st or 2nd ListBox. So the 1st and the 2nd ListBoxes are similar, so how could I go about sorting anything by its endings alphabetically for the 3rd ListBox?

-------------Problems Reply------------

Step 1:

Create a class with properties for your columns. Maybe you already have that, it's not clear. Otherwise you'll have to break up the strings.

Step 2:

Create a LINQ query that uses OrderBy(x=> x.Col6Property).ThenBy(x=>x.Col2Property)

Step 3:

Add the List of objects to your Listbox and use an overridden ToString() or ListBox.Format to get the output you want.

You should do this by implementing the IComparer interface for the type that you are dealing with. If the data is all tab separated strings, then you could use the following:

public class DropBoxStringComparer : IComparer<string>
#region Implementation of IComparer<in string>
Col2StringComparer col2 = new Col2StringComparer();
Col6StringComparer col6 = new Col6StringComparer();
public int Compare(string x, string y)
char[] tab = new[]{(char) 9};
string[] xParts = x.Split(tab);
string[] yParts = y.Split(tab);
var c6compare = col6.Compare(xParts[5], yParts[5]);
if (c6compare != 0)
return c6compare;
return col2.Compare(xParts[1], yParts[1]);


public class Col6StringComparer : IComparer<string>
#region Implementation of IComparer<in string>

public int Compare(string x, string y)
//Rules that determine order of col 6



public class Col2StringComparer : IComparer<string>
#region Implementation of IComparer<in string>

public int Compare(string x, string y)
//Rules that determine order of col 2



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