Bus error 10 in Radix Tree C program

I'm writing a program which does operations on a Radix trie and I'm stuck at add() function, getting the Bus error 10.

void addRec(struct tNode *p, char *w) { int matches = prefixMatch(p->word,w); bool insert = true; if ((p == root) || ((matches > 0) && (matches < strlen(w)) && (matches == strlen(p->word)))) { char *updatedWord = &w[matches]; printf("%s\n", updatedWord); struct tNode *tmp = p->child; while (tmp != NULL) { if (tmp->word[0] == updatedWord[0]) { insert = false; addRec(tmp, updatedWord); } tmp = tmp->brother; } if (insert) { addChild(p,updatedWord); } } else if ((matches > 0) && (matches == strlen(w)) && (matches == strlen(p->word))) { if (p->count < 0) p->count = ++globalCount; else printf("ignored"); } else if ((matches > 0) && (matches < strlen(w)) && (matches < strlen(p->word))) { struct tNode *tmp = malloc(sizeof(struct tNode)); tmp->word = &p->word[matches]; p->word[matches+1] = ''; tmp->child = p->child; tmp->count = p->count; tmp->brother = NULL; p->child = tmp; p->count = -1; } }

The error appears to be somewhere inside the while loop but I can't figure out where and what's wrong exactly. Please help.

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