BSOD Memory Management error please help

I'm going crazy and need some help with this. I have replaced every piece of hardware on this build and I cant get rid of the memory management bsod. It happens randomly. During games, installations, boot up, basically whenever it feels like it. I've tried everything I can think of and would really appreciate some help on getting this solved. I tried a different HDD as well. SSD and standard gives the same result.

PC specs are
mobo msi z87-g43
cpu i5 4570
radeon r260x
8gb corsair ram
550w psu
windows 8.1

I attached the zip file that was requested. Thanks for taking any time to look it over and help me before I completely lose my mind.

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Please attach a screenshot of CPU-Z first tab, one of Memory tab and one each for each stick of RAM of the SPD tab.

The memory is either set unwell in the bios, you're using mismatched sticks, RAM is defective or a module is not seated well.

Attachment 38846Attachment 38847Attachment 38848Attachment 38849I have replaced the ram, motherboard, processor, hard drive, power supply, tried onboard video instead of my standard PCI-e card. This is a completely different mobo/cpu combo then I had before when I was getting the same error.

Well, memory is set well in the bios and there is no mismatch.

That leaves it with either being defective or not seated well.

Reseat the modules and give a firm push to make sure they're in well.

If issues persist, RMA the modules for a new matched set.

You should also verify that the modules are compatible with motherboard and cpu.

Ill give that a shot I guess. I really feel like that isn't the issue since I have already replaced the ram. I've replaced everything other then my wireless card basically.

Whatever this WinDivert.sys is on your system, uninstall it. (KMS Activator???? We don't support cracked systems here on the forums. And besides the point, needing a driver to do so is a poor choice.) I can't give more info because it is showing as an unloaded module - it is highly unusual for a driver shown there to be of interest - but this is a special case I can say.

Install this for good measure and also test system without the wireless USB plugged in, for good measure, if necessary:

USB (RT2870/ RT2770/ RT3X7X/ RT537X/ RT5572) - MediaTek

What is that? I downloaded it but it doesn't have an exe to install anything and it looks as though its for a MAC

Going by previous cases, the KMS folder should be somewhere in C:\Windows

You'd have to delete it, then delete the subkey for it in Regedit at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services


If you downloaded it, you know what it is - unless you download things that you don't know what they're for. heh

i figured they were usb drivers... i guess not?

reseated them and bsod twice now when I tried to open a browser.

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