BPM - byte array - not expected

I've got a problem when trying to compress a .xls file into a zip file in a BPM platform (BEA Aqualogic BPM - Studio). This is my code so far:

try { FileOutputStream fos = FileOutputStream(arg1 : "/home/and/Reportes/zipTest.zip"); ZipOutputStream zos = ZipOutputStream(arg1 : fos); logMessage("MAS - zippeo en: " + url); Java.Io.File file = Java.File(arg1 : url); FileInputStream fis = FileInputStream(arg1 : file); ZipEntry entry = ZipEntry(arg1 : url); zos.putNextEntry(arg1 : entry); int buff = 1024; byte[] buffer = new byte[buff]; int length; //int buffer = 1024; while((length = fis.read(buffer,0,1024)) >= 0){ zos.write(arg1 : buffer, arg2 : 0, arg3 : length); } } catch (FileNotFoundException e) { logMessage("MAS - FNFE: " + e.stackTrace); } catch (IOException e) { logMessage("MAS - IOE: " + e.stackTrace); }

What I'm getting, is a compiling error:

''byte'' not expected

And those are simple quotation marks btw (as in ' ')

Any idea as to what could it be or how to solve it?

Thanks in advance

EDIT: Also, I'm getting another error:

Argument not valid for 'arg1'. Type 'byte array' not compatible with 'Binary'

in the "fis.read" and"zos.write"

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