Best method to create complex custom interface for IOS

I'd like to understand which is the best solution to draw custom interface for IOS application. I know that it's not easy to answer this question directly with code, but i think that it would be great get generic answers... only to understand in which direction i have to go!

I use as example this Ipad RSS reader :

1) how to create for example the "Slide Page" effect shown in this video at 00:38

2) at 01:00 user move only a single element of the View (maybe a table Cell ?) how would you implement this effect ?

3) at 01:53 user pinch a preview item and the single element explodes in multiple items. In your opinion, is that effect created only with Core Graphics ? how would you implement it ?

Thank you for your answers! I hope this question will be useful for other people too.

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IMHO this is done by using GestureRecognizer and CoreAnimation, these WWDC Session Videos will be helpful

  • Session 120 - Simplifying Touch Event Handling with Gesture Recognizers
  • Session 121 - Advanced Gesture Recognition
  • Session 424 - Core Animation in Practice, Part 1
  • Session 425 - Core Animation in Practice, Part 2
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