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I am trying to learn PHP and setup a user access based website. I finally found a template that is mostly simple to use and implement. However after hours of struggling to modify the template I have to kindly ask for assistance.

The following code works great and I have modified the original template to be able to login using the email address as username and the stored password from the database. The original template were based on a username login instead of using the email address. What I am trying to achieve now is to somehow also include the field "username" from the same database and table and store it as a $username parameter to use elsewhere on the site, for example with "echo". I would like to still use the field but for the name of the registered member, rather than a username for login.

I'm sure there is an easy way but whatever I change I keep getting error messages and I simply seem to not understand the syntax just yet.

<?php include('password.php'); class User extends Password{ private $_db; function __construct($db){ parent::__construct(); $this->_db = $db; } private function get_user_hash($email){ try { $stmt = $this->_db->prepare('SELECT password FROM members WHERE email = :email AND active="Yes"'); $stmt->execute(array('email' => $email)); $row = $stmt->fetch(); return $row['password']; } catch(PDOException $e) { echo '<p class="bg-danger">'.$e->getMessage().'</p>'; } } public function login($email,$password){ $hashed = $this->get_user_hash($email); if($this->password_verify($password,$hashed) == 1){ $_SESSION['loggedin'] = true; return true; } } public function logout(){ session_destroy(); } public function is_logged_in(){ if(isset($_SESSION['loggedin']) && $_SESSION['loggedin'] == true){ return true; } } } ?>

-------------Problems Reply------------

you just need to extend your code slightly.

at the moment your query is only bringing out 1 field, the password.

SELECT * FROM members WHERE email = :email AND active="Yes"

this will then return the whole row, not just one field.

you can then extract the username and put it in a session variable like this:

$_SESSION['username'] = $row['username'];

which you can then use throughout the rest of the site. Make sure you have session_start(); at the beginning of all files that youd like to access the session vars. If you want to use other fields, then just change the parameter to 'firstName', or 'fullName' or whatever the fields are called.

as a bit extra, you could also extend your query to allow the user to log in with their email OR their username by adding this.

SELECT * FROM members WHERE (email = :email OR username = :email) AND active="Yes"

if you were going to do that, Id suggest changing the :email holder to something more sensible like :user so that it makes more sense to read the code.


your'e going to need to get your get_user_hash() function to return back $row in its entirety, and then add your session var from there. Its a bit back to front as this probably isn't the best login script I've ever seen.

in get_user_hash(), change

return $row['password'];


return $row;

and then in function login,

public function login($email,$password){
$row = $this->get_user_hash($email);
$hashed = $row['password'];

if($this->password_verify($password,$hashed) == 1){
$_SESSION['username'] = $row['username'];
$_SESSION['loggedin'] = true;
return true;

really, $hashed is nothing more than the users password which password_verify() uses to compare the encrypted password in the db.

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