Autowired bean is null in MVC Controller

I'm trying to autowire a bean in the MVC Controller class, but I can not get another value, than null. When I put throw new Error("E") in constructor of the bean to be injected into the helloWorldController bean, I get an Exception: Error creating bean with name helloWorldController: Injection of autowired dependencies failed. But when I run test without error in constructor, I don't get the bean, I get null.

I'm totally confused. What does it do? It is trying to create and inject a dependency, when it creates the controller instance. Ok, so why the variable is not inicialized, if error did not occured?

I have extended my post at the bidding of Sean Patrick Floyd:

package testy.sprung; //import declarations ommited import testy.sprung.beany.AwiredBean; @Controller public class HelloWorldController { private Logger log = Logger.getLogger("springTestLogger"); @Autowired private AwiredBean oz; @RequestMapping("/sprung") public ModelAndView base() { log.debug("base URI"); ModelAndView mv = new ModelAndView(); mv.setViewName("firstPage"); return mv; } @RequestMapping(value="/{articel}/{subTitle}",method=RequestMethod.GET) public ModelAndView szia(@PathVariable("articel") String articel, @PathVariable("subTitle") String st, @RequestParam(value="co", required=false) String co) { log.debug("Path GET/{articel}/{subtitle}: " + articel + "/" + st + "?co=" + co); ModelAndView mv = new ModelAndView(); mv.setViewName("index"); // now put index.jsp in /WEB-INF/files mv.addObject("articel", articel); mv.addObject("subtl", st); mv.addObject("co", co); mv.addObject("awir", oz); //but it is null return mv; } }

The bean implements any empty interface:

package testy.sprung.beany; public class AwiredBeanImpl implements AwiredBean { @Override public String toString() { return "CommonAutowired"; } public AwiredBeanImpl() { throw new Error("E"); } }

I run it inside the test. The test fails, because wether my error or NullPointerException is thrown:

@RunWith(SpringJUnit4ClassRunner.class) @ContextConfiguration("file:WebContent/WEB-INF/sprung-servlet.xml") public class ZakladniExtendedTest extends TestCase { private MockHttpServletRequest request; private MockHttpServletResponse response; private HelloWorldController controller; @Inject private ApplicationContext context; public ZakladniExtendedTest() { PropertyConfigurator.configure("t-resources/"); } @Before //this method is called before each test public void setUp() { request = new MockHttpServletRequest(); response = new MockHttpServletResponse(); controller = new HelloWorldController(); } @Test public void testThemeResolverExists() { //this test works assertTrue(context.containsBean("themeResolver")); } @Test public void autowiringTest() throws Exception { //but this not request.setRequestURI("/title/subtitle"); request.setMethod("GET"); request.setParameter("co", "param"); ModelAndView mav = new AnnotationMethodHandlerAdapter().handle(request, response, controller); String viewName = mav.getViewName(); Map objects = mav.getModel(); assertEquals("index", viewName); //NullPointerException follows: assertEquals("CommonAutowired", objects.get("awir").toString()); } }

-------------Problems Reply------------

Instead of controller = new HelloWorldController(); you should inject your controller so that it becomes a Spring-managed bean.

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