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I currently volunteer for an organization that is using excel to record data. This data has extensive information in multiple worksheets and is continuously being updated during the duration of a three day event.

I am wanting to know if it is possible to automatically update from excel to a presentation when changes are made to any of the workbooks?

They need to display the top 5 scores in each workbook to a TV/Monitor(s) in another room. I figure there has to be a way that as the recorder is typing new content into a excel workbook and pushes "save" in excel - The presentation displayed on the Monitor(s) in the other room will automatically update the top 5 contestants (I was exploring PowerPoint for this "presentation" display but maybe flash or an online program would work better?)

I have seen many YouTube videos that will bring a whole excel file into PowerPoint linked as a table that can automatically update, but I am looking to ONLY display the top 5 and only two columns of multiple on that spreadsheet the contains multiple workbooks.

Any and all assistance would be appreciated.

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Copy the 5 cells from your workbook.
In PowerPoint, Home tab > Paste menu > Paste Special > Paste Link > OK.

If it gets stuck, right-click on the table in the slide (not the slideshow) and Update Links.


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