Are there popular or large FOSS projects that use Fitnesse

I would like to present Fitnesse to my colleagues, and I want to give them a successful project where Fitnesse was helpful. The project must be written in Java.

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Unfortunately I do not have an open source project where FitNesse was helpful. I used it for a number of customers, but never in an open source project. Actually I tend to use FitNesse to test deployed software from the 'outside' (via a browser, SOAP or REST), so while my FitNesse code is in Java the systems I have tested with it have been in Java, .Net and AngularJS.

The most recent projects where I tested with FitNesse have been for Vodafone Thuis, their order portal is publicly accessible: (written in C#), but then you don't see any of the FitNesse tests.

If you clone my fixture/baseline installation of FitNesse you will find some example tests using publicly accessible services/sites in the HsacExamples suite. I believe they demonstrate some of the power of FitNesse beyond 'Hello World'.

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