App keeps crashing when accessing sqlite database

I'm try to access a database which was working fine (until i added more fields and updated the code accordingly).

I get this error:

Caused by: android.database.sqlite.SQLiteException: near ",": syntax error: , while compiling: SELECT _id, title, description, locations, datesTimes, added, provider, url, cast, director, runningTime, certification, imageUrl, trailerUrl FROM films ORDER BY _id DESC

Here is the code for the query:

public Cursor getAllTitles() { return myDataBase.query("films", new String[] { KEY_ROWID, KEY_TITLE, KEY_DESCRIPTION, KEY_LOCATIONS, KEY_DATESTIMES, KEY_ADDED, KEY_PROVIDER, KEY_URL, KEY_CAST, KEY_DIRECTOR, KEY_RUNNINGTIME, KEY_CERTIFICATION, KEY_IMAGEURL, KEY_TRAILERURL}, null, null, null, null, KEY_ROWID + " DESC"); //Sort the data using the Primary Key in descending order . . meaning last added is shown first. }

And here the code for extracting data from the database:

//---Get all records from database--- myDbHelper.openDataBase(); cursorPosition = myDbHelper.getAllTitles(); if (cursorPosition.moveToFirst()) { do { AddRecordToArray(cursorPosition); } while (cursorPosition.moveToNext()); } myDbHelper.close(); } public void AddRecordToArray(Cursor cursorPosition) { //Add new record to array (which gets data from database using cursorPosition (for current row) and .getstring( for column number). final FilmRecord film1 = new FilmRecord(cursorPosition.getString(1), cursorPosition.getString(4), cursorPosition.getString(5), cursorPosition.getString(3), cursorPosition.getString(2), cursorPosition.getString(6), cursorPosition.getString(7), cursorPosition.getString(8), cursorPosition.getString(9), cursorPosition.getString(10), cursorPosition.getString(11), cursorPosition.getString(12), cursorPosition.getString(13)); films.add(film1); myDbHelper.close(); } @Override protected void onDestroy() { super.onDestroy(); if (myDbHelper != null) { myDbHelper.close(); } }

If there is any more information required to solve this error just let me know what you need. I'm really confused with the ",".

-------------Problems Reply------------

"cast" is a reserved word. Try changing that column name, or quoting it.

Please change the value of the key KEY_CAST from cast to some other value because the cast is a reserve word.

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