Any suggestions on a basic PHP library for doing session management and authentication?

I am working on a project that exposes a number of web services to the public. Right now I have the serialisation side done (Using ZendAMF) and now I need to do the authentication. I was looking over Zend Session and Zend Auth and they look like they do what I want, but while doing that research I came across a lot of people expression opinions that Zend is bloated or a hassle to deal with. Is this true? Are there alternatives I should consider? I don't need ACL. I would just like to avoid reinventing the wheel when it comes to basic session management and authentication (DB is Postgres).

Any input would be appreciated.


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Heh, I know where you're coming from! :)

  • Regarding Authentication and session management, I asked this question a while back
  • Regarding whether Zend is bloated, I had a very similar question which concluded in: As a general purpose library, it contains more code than a streamlined library optimized for a single purpose, but the technical basis is healthy and solid. From what I can tell at the moment, this is definitely true.
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