Any examples of event-based jQuery programming structure?

I've built a program that I think could benefit from a shift toward using jQuery's events (bind() and trigger()) instead of the typical function-calling programming structure. For example, instead of:

//device changed //(diffs holds key: {old_val: 'old value', new_val: 'new value'} pairs) DEVICES.update(device, diffs) DIAGRAM.update(device, diffs) TABLES.update(DEVICES.$table, device, diffs) /* ... */ //device changed - some other code location DEVICES.update(device, diffs); DIAGRAM.update(device, diffs); TABLES.update(DEVICES.$table, device, diffs);

I could write:

//DEVICES.update(), DIAGRAM.update, and TABLES.update have all been bound to //DEVICES.$container's device_changed custom event (in their respective modules) //device changed //(diffs holds key: {old_val: 'old value', new_val: 'new value'} pairs) DEVICES.$container.trigger('device_changed', [device, diffs]); /* ... */ //device changed - some other code location DEVICES.$container.trigger('device_changed', [device, diffs]);

I'm learning how to use bind() and trigger() effectively, but mostly just making it up as I go along. Are there any good examples of how to program/structure code following this event-driven style with jQuery?

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