Any Alternate way for writing to a file other than ofstream

I am performing file operations (writeToFile) which fetches the data from a xml and writes into a output file(a1.txt).

I am using MS Visual C++ 2008 and in windows XP.

currently i am using this method of writing to output file..

01.ofstreamhdr OutputFile; 02./* few other stmts */, std::ios::out); 04. 05.hdrOutputFile << "#include \"commondata.h\""<< endl ; 06.hdrOutputFile << "#include \"Commonconfig.h\"" << endl ; 07.hdrOutputFile << "#include \"commontable.h\"" << endl << endl ; 08. hdrOutputFile << "#pragma pack(push,1)" << endl ; 09.hdrOutputFile << "typedef struct \n {" << endl ; 10./* simliar hdrOutputFiles statements... */..

I have around 250 lines to write.. Is any better way to perform this task.

I want to reduce this hdrOutputFile and use a buffer to do this.

Please guide me how to do that action.

I mean,

buff = "#include \"commontable.h\"" + "typedef struct \n {" + ....... hdrOutputFile << buff.

is this way possible?



-------------Problems Reply------------

How about:

const char * buffer =
"This is one line of text\n"
"This is the start of another"
" and this is the end of the same line\n"
"and so on\n";

hdrOutputFile << buffer;

In both C and C++, string literals like this are automatically concatenated into a single string.

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