Ansible - "add_host" skipping newgroup host

Here is my code:

- hosts: Server tasks: - name: Get Slave Status mysql_replication: mode=getslave register: slaveStat - name: Display MasterIP debug: msg="{{ slaveStat.Master_Host }}" - name: Register MasterIP local_action: add_host hostname={{ slaveStat.Master_Host }} groupname=active - hosts: active tasks: - name: Test command command: echo `df -h`

And when I ran the code it skipping the new hostgroup "active". Please help me to find out the cause of the task execution fail.

Here is the output :

#ansible-playbook -i hosts site.yml -l -u root -v PLAY [controller] ************************************************************* GATHERING FACTS *************************************************************** ok: [] TASK: [Get Slave Status] ****************************************************** ok: [] => {"Connect_Retry": 60, "Exec_Master_Log_Pos": 107, "Last_Errno": 0, "Last_Error": "", "Last_IO_Errno": 0, "Last_IO_Error": "", "Last_SQL_Errno": 0, "Last_SQL_Error": "", "Master_Host": "", "Master_Log_File": "mysql-bin.000017", "Master_Port": 3306, "Master_SSL_Allowed": "No", "Master_SSL_CA_File": "", "Master_SSL_CA_Path": "", "Master_SSL_Cert": "", "Master_SSL_Cipher": "", "Master_SSL_Key": "", "Master_SSL_Verify_Server_Cert": "No", "Master_Server_Id": 4886, "Master_User": "controller_repl", "Read_Master_Log_Pos": 107, "Relay_Log_File": "mysqld-relay-bin.000005", "Relay_Log_Pos": 253, "Relay_Log_Space": 556, "Relay_Master_Log_File": "mysql-bin.000017", "Replicate_Do_DB": "", "Replicate_Do_Table": "", "Replicate_Ignore_DB": "", "Replicate_Ignore_Server_Ids": "", "Replicate_Ignore_Table": "test.hoge", "Replicate_Wild_Do_Table": "", "Replicate_Wild_Ignore_Table": "", "Seconds_Behind_Master": 0, "Skip_Counter": 0, "Slave_IO_Running": "Yes", "Slave_IO_State": "Waiting for master to send event", "Slave_SQL_Running": "Yes", "Until_Condition": "None", "Until_Log_File": "", "Until_Log_Pos": 0, "changed": false} TASK: [Display MasterIP] ****************************************************** ok: [] => { "msg": "" } TASK: [Register MasterIP] ***************************************************** ok: [ ->] => {"new_groups": ["active"], "new_host": ""} PLAY [active] ***************************************************************** skipping: no hosts matched PLAY RECAP ********************************************************************

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