Anonymize Amazon public URL, decode using a script on Nginx

I have been wondering if its possible to anonymize public URL. When user makes a request with this anonymized public URL, let Nginx decode, fetch and serve the URL.


Public URL

Anonymized URL

Nginx decodes 09872340-932872389-390643289/983724.html to location/file.html

Added image below for further clarification. Nginx has a reverse logic to decode, whereas Remote Server has the logic to Anonymize URL.

Anonymize Amazon public URL, decode using a script on Nginx

Question All I need to know is how would Nginx decode anonymized URL? Nginx got anonymized URL request. There has to be a way to decode it.

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Define Anonymize for a URL? You can use any of the same methods as URL shortners such as But that is not truely anonymous since there is a definite mapping between the shortened URL and the target public url. If you make this per user based there is still a mapping but it is user based.

Looks like what you are suggesting is a variation on the above scheme where instead of sending the user to the target URL via a redirect you want the your server to actually fetch the content and return to the user. You need to be aware of the linked content in the public URL such as style sheets and images and adjust them accordingly. Many of the standard proxies has this kind of functionality built in. Also take a look at

If you are planning to build your own these can serve as a base.

I think what you want to do here is somewhat similar to another question I've answered in the past, where for each request by the client, you effectively want to make two requests to two different upstreams under the hood (first one to an upstream capable of decoding the URL, second one to actually fetch said decoded URL), but, of course, only return one result.

As mentioned on serverfault, you could use error_page to process another request, after the first one is complete. You could then use $upstream_http_ to make the subsequent request based on the original one, for example, using $upstream_http_location.

You might also want to look into X-Accel-Redirect header, introduced in this context at proxy_ignore_headers.

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