Angular animate runner is undefined

I'm having a non-critical issue with my angular app. I have a simple search field in a form, and when I press enter to submit, I get an exception in angular.js line 12007 (AngularJS v1.4.0-rc.0):

TypeError: Cannot read property 'end' of undefined at VM2885 angular-animate.js:2209 at forEach (angular.js:332) at closeChildAnimations (VM2885 angular-animate.js:2202) at queueAnimation (VM2885 angular-animate.js:2048) at Object.$$AnimateQueueProvider.$get.push (VM2885 angular-animate.js:1943) at Object.$AnimateProvider.$get.leave (angular.js:5017) at cleanupLastView (angular-route.js:913) at angular-route.js:942 at publicLinkFn (angular.js:7199) at $get.boundTranscludeFn (angular.js:7345)

The reason for this is the closeChildAnimations function in angular-animate.js:

function closeChildAnimations(element) { var node = element[0]; var children = node.querySelectorAll('[' + NG_ANIMATE_ATTR_NAME + ']'); forEach(children, function(child) { var state = parseInt(child.getAttribute(NG_ANIMATE_ATTR_NAME)); var animationDetails = activeAnimationsLookup.get(child); switch (state) { case RUNNING_STATE: //HACK: Added check here as it breaks on form submit on the search page otherwise if(animationDetails.runner !== undefined) animationDetails.runner.end(); /* falls through */ case PRE_DIGEST_STATE: if (animationDetails) { activeAnimationsLookup.remove(child); } break; } }); }

I have added the if statement as a temporary hack. It seems that one of the elements in the activeAnimationsLookup does not have a runner member.

Is this something that should be reported to angular team, or am I missing something here? Adding the if statement works, but I'm not happy editing a relatively stable framework such as angular.

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It was a bug in ng-animate that was fixed as discussed in as Phil mentioned.

Closing this question.

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