Android Streaming Video - Need Aspect Ratio

I am using the Android MediaPlayer demo for Video. I have streaming video 640x480. I simply want the video to be as large as it can be (in whatever device orientation) while keeping aspect ratio. I can't get it to do this. It simply stretches across the entire screen. My SurfaceView in the layout doesn't maintain aspect ratio in either "fill_parent" or "wrap_content". When I check (and change the surface size in code, it seems to ignore any changes. And what is weird is I am told in this code that my video size is : 176 x 144.

public void onVideoSizeChanged(MediaPlayer mp, int width, int height) { Log.v(TAG, "onVideoSizeChanged called"); Log.v(TAG, "Surface Width: " + width + " Surface Height: " + height); if (width == 0 || height == 0) { Log.e(TAG, "invalid video width(" + width + ") or height(" + height + ")"); return; } mIsVideoSizeKnown = true; mVideoWidth = width; mVideoHeight = height; mVideoWidth = mp.getVideoWidth(); mVideoHeight = mp.getVideoHeight(); Log.v(TAG, "Surface Width: " + mVideoWidth + " Surface Height: " + mVideoHeight); if (mIsVideoReadyToBePlayed && mIsVideoSizeKnown) { startVideoPlayback(); } }

This is where I try and change the size:

private void startVideoPlayback() { Log.v(TAG, "startVideoPlayback"); holder.setFixedSize(mVideoWidth, mVideoHeight); mMediaPlayer.start(); }


-------------Problems Reply------------

try to use setLayoutParams() in OnPrepared()

public void onPrepared(MediaPlayer mp) {
mSurfaceView.setLayoutParams(new LinearLayout.LayoutParams(vWidth, vHeight));

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