Android multitouch View.OnTouchListener

Im trying to play around with some multitouch in Android.

I have two RelativeLayout on screen where I would like to get touch events.

fooLayout = (RelativeLayout)findViewById(; fooLayout.setOnTouchListener(onTouchListener); barLayout = (RelativeLayout)findViewById(; barLayout.setOnTouchListener(onTouchListener); ... View.OnTouchListener onTouchListener = new View.OnTouchListener() { @Override public boolean onTouch(View v, MotionEvent event) { ...

I tried having a OnTouchListener for each layout but that didn't seem to work at all.

I figured since the onTouch method gets an View I would be able to make out with view the current touch event came from and save away the pointer id.

int pointerId = event.getPointerId(event.getActionIndex()); int action = event.getActionMasked(); switch (action) { case MotionEvent.ACTION_DOWN: case MotionEvent.ACTION_POINTER_DOWN: switch (v.getId()) { case fooPointerId = pointerId; break; case barPointerId = pointerId; break; }

This does not work as I thought it would. When my first finger touches in one of the layouts I will get the correct id from that layout. But when I put down a second finger in the other layout it will get the id of the layout where I put down my first finger.

Am I going about this the wrong way?

Is this possible to do or do I have to put the OnTouchListener on the top view and figure out which layout Im touching by the x/y values of the event?

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I think you should extend relative layout and implement onTouchEvent(MotionEvent ev) over there to figure out which pointers are touching which child views(Put foo and bar inside your main relative layout/view group that implements onTouchEvent).

IMO onTouch(View v, MotionEvent ev) only lets you register one pointer at a time so it may not be possible using this approach. This link might help out

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