Android custom view : draw over toolbar when fragment replaced with animation

I created a custom view which draw a quarter circle :

public class QuarterCircle extends View { ... @Override protected void onDraw(Canvas canvas) { canvas.clipRect(mRectClip, Region.Op.REPLACE); canvas.rotate(mRotation, mRectClip.right / 2, mRectClip.bottom / 2); canvas.drawArc(mRect, 0, 360, false, mPaint); } ... }

It looks like that :

Android custom view : draw over toolbar when fragment replaced with animation

When I change fragment with an animation (exit to top), tge view draw over toolbar in a weird way :

Android custom view : draw over toolbar when fragment replaced with animation

On emulator and some devices, it looks like this. On some other devices, it's cleared after animation stops.

Any clue of what going wrong ?

Thanks, Anthony

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