Analyze Delphi code?

Are there any static code analysis tools for Delphi/Pascal?

I have seen plenty of options for C++ and .NET, but nothing for Delphi/Pascal.

Ideally something that could be integrated into a continuous integration system.

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Pascal Analyzer is nice.

If you want something that will give you various software metrics (complecity etc.) for your code then I strongly recommend SourceMonitor from Campswood Software. It works for C and C++ too, and it's free.

The Architect version of Delphi has a very powerful Audits and Metrics feature that does a complete analysis of your code. The feature provides a complete analysis of your source code. A very under appreciated feature, I think.

CodeHealer does source code analysis and verification

A version came with BDS2006, But the number of visibility hints is limited to 4 per category. have a look at this link

It works well on a small project but this limitation makes it very hard if not impossible to use on a large project.

Pascal Analyser, Delphi 2006+ has built in audits and metrics, Source Monitor and Code Healer are the ones that I'm aware of - all are pretty useful.

On Sourceforge there is a project Delphi Code Analyzer DCA with quite many downloads and last activity in 2009, maybe interesting

AQTime from AutomatedQA offers a Static Analysis Profiler. I have never used this profiler but am happy with those AQTime profilers that I use regularly. If you go down this path you can integrate AQTime with TestComplete to accomplish this sort of profiling as part of a continuous integration approach.

There is a new FixInsight tool which does source code analysis and verification.

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