after remove tr from table with javascript when submit sends all rows

I hve a table in a html page, with a function it is possible to remove the selected row, but when i press the submit button all rows are submitted. if i see the source code i can see the html with all rows. this is the function i am using.

EDIT this is how the table look like.

after remove tr from table with javascript when submit sends all rows

this is the initialization code for the button to bind it with the function.

$(document).ready(function(){ $(".btnDelete").bind("click", Delete); });

this is the function that deletes the row.

function Delete(){ var rowCount = $('#datallesNota tr').length; console.log('FILAS EN LA TABLA: ' + rowCount ); console.log('ELIMINAR FILA: '); var par = $(this).parent().parent(); //tr par.remove(); console.log('SE REMOVIO LA FILA: ' ); };

this is part of the table where the function is called.

<tr id="1"> <td><button class="btnDelete"><img alt="QUITAR" src="/resources/img/16x16/delete.png"> </button>

Thanks for any help.

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Here is a sample of removing a tr from table.


<table id="myTable">
<tr id="1">
<td>My Conten1</td>

<tr id="2">
<td>My Conten2</td>

<tr id="3">
<td>My Conten3</td>
<button class="btnDelete">Click Me</button>

$(".btnDelete").on("click", function(){
var rowId = 2;

function deleteRow(rowId){
var selectedRow = $("#myTable tr[id="+rowId+"]");

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