adding link_to with image_tag and image path both

I am trying to replace the tag with link_to in my rails application view. for replacing I have svg icon, text and link all in one tag. Here is below

<a class="navbar-brand" href="index.html"><%= image_tag 'logo.svg', "data-svg-fallback" => image_path('logo.svg'), :align=> "left" ,:style => "padding-right: 5px;" %> My Project </a>

but I failed to convert the above link to rails link_to

Any suggestion would be great This is what I am trying but it is not working

1. <%= link_to '#' do %> My Project<%= image_tag ('logo.svg', "data-svg-fallback" => image_path('logo.svg'), :align=> "left" ,:style => "padding-right: 5px;") %> <% end %> 2. <%= link_to "My Project", home_index_path, :class=> "navbar-brand" do %> <%= image_tag('logo.svg'), "data-svg-fallback" => image_path('logo.svg'), :align=> "left" ,:style => "padding-right: 5px"; %> <% end %>

-------------Problems Reply------------

Remove the space after image_tag.

<%= link_to '#' do %>
My Project <%= image_tag('logo.svg', "data-svg-fallback" => image_path('logo.svg'), :align=> "left" ,:style => "padding-right: 5px;") %>
<% end %>

You need to use asset_path do set the path of your svg inside the data attribute like so

<%= link_to "index.html", class: "navbar-brand" do %>
<%= image_tag "logo.svg", data: { svg_fallback => asset_path("logo.svg") }, align: "left", style: "padding-right: 5px;" %> My Project
<% end %>

Instead of image_path you have to use asseth_path.

Try this:

<%= link_to '#' do %>
My Project <%= image_tag('logo.svg', "data-svg-fallback" => asset_path('logo.svg'), :align=> "left" ,:style => "padding-right: 5px;") %>
<% end %>

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