Adding Image URL after displaying the Image in Wordpress

I am trying to display the URL of an Image after every image in the main content on Wordpress. To do this I am building a plugin.

If add the following code within my plugin I can display 2 of the same Image. as the code to display the image is stored in $1 below.

$content = preg_replace("/(<img([^>]*)>)/i", "<div class=\"image_wrap\">$1<div class=\"linkbox\">" . "$1</div></div>", $content );

In theory all I need to do is hack at the second instance of $1 in the above code to strip the image src. So below is the code I have tried and it using some substr and strpos functions but that doesn't seem to want to work for me.

$content = preg_replace("/(<img([^>]*)>)/i", "<div class=\"image_wrap\">$1<div class=\"linkbox\">" . substr(substr("$1", strpos("$1","src=\"")+5), 0,strpos(substr("$1",strpos("$1","src=\"")+5),"\"")) . </div></div>", $content );

Is there anything glaringly wrong with this?


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There are examples for preg_replace_callback in the manual. It usually goes like this:

$content = preg_replace_callback(

function cb_image_wrap($match) {

list($all, $img, $attr) = $match;

"<div class=\"image_wrap\">$img<div class=\"linkbox\">" .
substr(substr("$img", strpos("$img","src=\"")+5), 0,
strpos(substr("$img",strpos("$img","src=\"")+5),"\"")) .

Your string patching code seems needlessly complicated.

It might also appropriate to look into HEREDOC strings.

Here is the solution that I eventually figured out thanks to Mario in the above comments

$content = preg_replace_callback(
'return CREDIT_HEAD .
"<div class=\"image_wrap\">$matches[0]<div class=\"linkbox\">" .
substr(substr("$matches[0]", strpos("$matches[0]","src=\"")+5), 0,strpos(substr("$matches[0]", strpos("$matches[0]","src=\"")+5),"\"")) .
"</div></div>" .

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