Adding characters to an array as integers in C

I am trying to add integers to an array in C. However I'm reading characters in from a file, so I have to convert them to integers first. For some reason my program wont even start up now before it stops working. I think it is a conversion problem but I am new to C.

new edit code:

#include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> int main (void) { FILE* fp; const char filename[] = "test.txt"; char ch; int num[1000]; int j = 0; char temp; fp = fopen(filename, "r"); if( fp == NULL ) { printf( "Cannot open file: %s\n", filename); exit(8); } while(!feof(fp)) { temp = fgetc(fp); num[j] = temp - '0'; j++; } printf("First in the array is: %d, last is; %d", num[0], num[999]); fclose(fp); return EXIT_SUCCESS; }


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Someone to point me in the right direction would be great.

-------------Problems Reply------------

I am rephrasing my entire answer after you added the contents of test.txt.

Instead of

temp = fgetc(fp);
num[j] = temp - '0';

Change to

while(!feof(fp)&& (j<1000))
temp = fgetc(fp);
if ( temp != EOF && ( temp>='0' && temp<='9') ) // To filter out non-numbers and also the last EOF
num[j++] = temp - '0';


And instead of

printf("First in the array is: %d, last is; %d", num[0], num[999]);

Change to

printf("First in the array is: %d, last is; %d", num[0], num[j-1]); // j-1 so that it works even when there are less than 1000 numbers and to keep it generic

And your done!

You cannot dynamically allocate an int array in C like this, so

int num[count]

will not work. Use a maximum value or dynamic allocation using malloc.

Also you cannot pass a single char to atoi, you have to pass a 2-element char array with the second element being 0, or you could just use

num[j] = temp - '0';

Also checking fp for EOF in the second while loop is wrong, use feof(fp) or temp != EOF

Hope this helps you a bit to get it working.

The following application works and gives the following output (in a textfile containing 1 3 5 5565)

int main (void)
FILE* fp;
const char filename[10] = "test.txt";
char ch;
int count = 0;
int num[100];

fp = fopen(filename, "r");
if( fp == NULL )
printf( "Cannot open file: %s\n", filename);

while (fscanf(fp, "%d", &num[count]) !=EOF){


printf("Text file contains: %d\n", count);
printf("First in the array is: %d, last is; %d\n", num[0], num[count-1]);


if you want the array to be dynamicly sized, you need to loop thru the elements and count them, before adding them, just like you did in your example in the main code. And instead of while (fscanf(fp, "%d", &num[count]) !=EOF){ you use a temp counter to index the elements

Hope this helps

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