Add Efficient searching feature in Android App from Sqlite Database

I have one problem Table

ProblemTable id problemTitle problemDescription 1 machine got hand water Motor got jammed 2 motor is not working induction motor is not working 3 water connection is not proper water connectivity problem in city 4 electric power machine problem Electric power generator is not working 5 power down in my city Power down in city

I need to add searching feature, which may be keyword searching or full text search,both from description and title. Like if i search by "motor"

reasults will be 1 machine got hand water Motor got jammed 2 motor is not working induction motor is not working

if i search by "power down in city" Search result

4 electric power machine problem Electric power generator is not working 5 power down in my city Power down in city 3 water connection is not proper water connectivity problem in city

How do i implement this form sqlite db full text as well as kewords search .If i have large no of rows 100K, what searching strategy will be good ? Please help me .

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If you want to do full text search in sqlite you could use fts3

Assuming you are using SQLiteOpenHelper the syntax would be something like this

// Full-text search index. Update using updateSessionSearchIndex method.
// Use the porter tokenizer for simple stemming, so that "frustration" matches "frustrated."
+ SessionsSearchColumns.BODY + " TEXT NOT NULL,"
+ SessionsSearchColumns.SESSION_ID
+ " TEXT NOT NULL " + References.SESSION_ID + ","
+ "UNIQUE (" + SessionsSearchColumns.SESSION_ID + ") ON CONFLICT REPLACE,"
+ "tokenize=porter)");

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