Add and print multiple char in C

I'm creating a Dice Game, where the user rolls 3 dice and gets some random outputs (up to integer 6). My next step is to add those 3 values obtained and get its sum. How do I achieve this? Any suggestion would be helpful.

Here's my source code:

//Roll-a-dice Game! int main(){ char input1; char input2; char input3; int i; int diceRoll; int sumDice = (int)(input1-'0') + (int)(input2-'0') + (int)(input3-'0'); printf("User's First Input: (Press any key to continue) "); scanf("\n %c", &input1); for(i=0;i<1;i++){ diceRoll = (rand()%6) + 1; printf("%d\n\n", diceRoll); } printf("User's Second Input: (Press any key to continue) "); scanf("\n %c", &input2); for(i=0;i<1;i++){ diceRoll = (rand()%6) + 1; printf("%d\n\n", diceRoll); } printf("User's Third Input: (Press any key to continue) "); scanf("\n %c", &input3); for(i=0;i<1;i++){ diceRoll = (rand()%6) + 1; printf("%d\n\n", diceRoll); } printf("Sum of observations: %d", sumDice); return 0; }

The sumDice function doesn't output the correct answer and I think the problem lies somewhere in this particular function.

-------------Problems Reply------------

Judging by this statment:

where the user rolls 3 dice and gets some random outputs (up to integer 6). My next step is to add those 3 values obtained and get its sum

I assume you want this:

first initialize sumDice to 0:

int sumDice=0;

then, in every for loop add this after diceRoll=rand()... line:


and remove the last sumDice= (int)(input-'0')... line.

The logic behind int sumDice = (int)(input1-'0') + (int)(input2-'0') + (int)(input3-'0'); makes sense, but you must use it after assigning values to input1, input2 and input3.

You are getting the wrong answer because when you initialize sumDice at the beginning, the input variables are not initialized, so they have random values stored in them.

Here is where you must put it :

int sumDice = (int)(input1-'0') + (int)(input2-'0') + (int)(input3-'0');
printf("Sum of observations: %d", sumDice);

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