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I have a 3 Tabs, with a class 'fetch_records'. When the user clicks on the other Tab, the clicked tab should get activated by adding the new class 'years_active' and other should remain same and the class 'years_active' get removed if any.

My code for that is :

$('.fetch_records').click(function (e) { $('.fetch_records').removeClass('years_active'); $(this).addClass('years_active'); e.preventDefault(); $('.ajax-loader').show(); var year = $(this).attr('data-year'); $.ajax({ ...Do SOmething... success: function (msg) { success message... } }); });


<li><a data-year="2001" class="fetch_records years_active"> 2001 <a/> </li> <li><a data-year="2002" class="fetch_records"> 2002 <a/> </li> <li><a data-year="2003" class="fetch_records"> 2003 <a/> </li>

-------------Problems Reply------------

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this part of your code, it runs perfectly:

Even though your markup is malformed - as pointed out by just about everyone -, your problem lies somewhere else in your code.

Try checking the javascript console for errors.


$('.fetch_records').click(function(e) {


.fetch_records {
background: #EEE;
.years_active {
background: #F00;
color: #FFF;


<li><a data-year="2001" class="fetch_records years_active">2001</a></li>
<li><a data-year="2002" class="fetch_records">2002</a></li>
<li><a data-year="2003" class="fetch_records">2003</a></li>

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