active sync, 2 phones, 1 computer

I have an HTC Tytn with WM6pro and an HTC Tytn II with WM 6.1

I need to be able to sync both phones up with different identities in outlook for contacts and calendars on one computer.

However active sync will only recognise one phone so I have to delete all the settings for the other phone before it will sync with the other.

Any idea how to achieve this? Would it work if I created a 2nd user account on the PC for the 2nd phone? Or is it worth downloading an alternate sync programme to use with phone A whilst phone b remains using active sync?

thats probably clear as mud eh?

-------------Problems Reply------------

There is an option on your PC to remove a partnership under Mobile Device Settings in Activesync (or WMDC if using Vista). Do not connect the device when doing that.

On the device, open activesync, click Menu then Options. Highlight the name of your device then click Delete.

You should be able to sync multiple devices with your PC. I have five devices syncing with my laptop.

I suggest you delete the partnerships from your PC and from the devices. Soft reset the devices, reboot the PC and connect each device again to establish a partnership.

thanks Jack -is there a specifc way to delete the partnerships please?

There is an option on your PC to remove a partnership under Mobile Device Settings in Activesync (or WMDC if using Vista). Do not connect the device when doing that.

On the device, open activesync, click Menu then Options. Highlight the name of your device then click Delete.

thank you I have deleted it from the PC and both devices so am going to reboot now and see how it goes!

as always your advice was spot on! thank you so much

Tazza73, you just made my day! Thanks for the update and good luck!

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