A Sql Query to search and replace specific prefixed strings?

Alright I have something like this(I messed it up...) -

Id Name City 1 XXX - New Plano 2 XXX - XXX - New1 Dallas 3 XXX - XXX - XXX - New2 Sacramento 4 XXX - New3 Houston 5 XXX - XXX - New4 Austin

So, I want to replace all the occurrence with more that one XXX prefix to just 1. For e.g id 2 should have Name=XXX - New2. How would go about achieving this ? Even a query basically to check for a prefix and replace it with the name would work I think and then I can add the prefix again ? I mean set all the records just to say New,New2..so on...and then I can add XXX prefix to it ?

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You can remove all instances of 'XXX - ' with the string replace function.

UPDATE tableName
SET Name = Replace(Name, 'XXX - ', '')

Alternately, to keep a single instance you could use:

UPDATE tableName
SET Name = 'XXX - ' + Replace(Name, 'XXX - ', '')

You want to strip out occurrences 2 to n of the string "XXX - ". This assume the data at the end needs preserved:

SELECT 'Starting' --also sets @@ROWCOUNT
name = STUFF (name, 7, 6, '')
SUBSTRING (name, 7, 6) = 'XXX - '

Otherwise, this removes the XXX and resets your data, based on the XXX - New(id-1) pattern with no filter if you want to start again

name = 'XXX - New' + CAST(id-1 AS varchar)

Edit: updated for clarity

Depends a lot on the data and how uniform it is. If all your data falls into the formats that you have in your question, then the simplest would be:


Otherwise, it could get a lot more complicated. Tell us more about the uniformity of your data and what the format's you will run into are, i.e. could you have XXXX - XXXX - XXXX - XXXX - ad infintum?

Update Table
Set Name = Replace(
Replace( Name, ' - XXX - ', ' - ')
, ' - XXX - ', ' - ')
, ' - XXX - ', ' - ')

This solution should handle most variants. For example, it will handle all the way out to:

XXX - XXX - XXX - XXX - XXX - XXX - XXX - XXX - New2.

If you need to handle it out further, you can simply add another Replace call.

Assuming that you just wanted to strip the string of all the parts before the last "-" and then add a prefix again, you can use this:

UPDATE tblWhatever
SET Name = 'NewPrefix - ' + RIGHT(Name, CHARINDEX(' - ',REVERSE(Name))-1)

This just basically, searches for the last occurrence of "-" and then uses the right() function to get the last part of the string. It then appends the prefix onto that.

This is essentially what you described in the last part of your question.

update myTable
set name = rtrim(ltrim(replace(name, 'XXX - XXX', 'XXX - ')))

update myTable
set name = rtrim(ltrim(substring(name, charindex(name, '-'), len(name))))
where name like '%-%'

declare @loop bit
set @loop = 1

while @loop
update table
set name = right(name,len(name)-6)
where left(name,12) = 'xxx - xxx - '

set @loop = @@rowcount

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